How to leverage video marketing to grow your brand (even if you don’t know how to make a video)

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It might be a new term for you, but video marketing is definitely worth paying attention to. It’s been a number of years since video became popular, now it’s across every platform. 

If you’re marketing product or service to customers or businesses video marketing is now a “must have” as a part of your marketing suite…if not the key ingredient!

Understanding the importance of video and having a clear strategy for the role it plays in your marketing is critical. With your video content, clear messaging and measurable actions, you can publish content that will help increase your engagement across social media, educate your customers and reach new audiences.

There are many reasons why it’s time for you to build a video marketing strategy. 

  1. Increased Brand Awareness videos have always been the go to for entertainment, but think of it as entertainment that builds a connection. 
  2. Accelerate your conversion rate adding video to marketing emails can books click-through rates by 200 – 300 per cent, according to Forbes.
  3. Informative and educational videos can help your audience to better understand your product or service. Statistics from ReadyCloud state a viewer will retain 95 per cent of a video viewed over retaining only 10 per cent of text read. 
  4. Improves Google search ranking Google owns YouTube so let’s play in to that. They are the highest and second highest search engines respectively. 

It has become so important that 97 per cent of people say explainer videos (such as “how to” or instructional style videos) help their audience understand their business better.

Planning and creating your video marketing is easier than you think and it can be extremely cost effective. All you need is a plan and your smartphone. 

  1. Plan it out – make sure you know the styles and the content that will suit your brand and help you to stay consistent with your messaging when shared across social media platforms. There are plenty of content planner options out there with calendars, tips and space to list all your topics. 
  2. Learn some Smartphone filming tricks – there are great products like microphones, lights and tripods that can really up your filming game. Check out a few courses too, so you can ensure better lighting, framing and a steady shot. 
  3. You can edit on your Smartphone  – you can keep your videos all on the one device by using editing apps. They are really simple to use and can be a lot of fun. Try iMovie, InShot or for even more creativity you Adobe Rush. 

My top tips are: 

  • When you are preparing your video marketing plan consider your platforms and target audiences.
  • Knowing exactly who you are catering for and the preferences of the different platforms will give you a great base to start your content. 
  • Don’t just make one video. Whether you are creating your own videos or bringing on a professional team, spend your time wisely. Aim to film enough to create a variety of videos – the more content the better. You’ll see a lot of production companies now have packages available to capture a 1 minute video as well as shorter pieces. 
  • Keep your content as timeless as possible. Make sure you get the most out of your content by keeping some dates and references as general as possible. This will allow you to post across all your chosen platforms more than once – you could plan to post a great promotional video every three months