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Handbook on cyber security measures for SMEs and NFPs released

The guide is relevant to all entities across the SME and NFP spectrum, irrespective of the nature of their business.
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Privacy regulations are coming and SMEs must be prepared

Six in 10 SMEs recognise their susceptibility to data breaches but are not proactive in enhancing their data security.
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Small businesses struggling with technology changes and cost pressures

More than half of SMEs don’t prioritise updating their websites despite 72 per cent of customers being less likely to bu...
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Cyber Wardens providing resources to ensure cybersecurity of agribusinesses

Cyber Wardens will have a stall at the Agfest in the Paddock event to help raise awareness about the program among the a...
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How small businesses can get their cloud security right

As more businesses are looking to improve their cloud security, Zero Trust Segmentation is becoming a widely adopted sec...
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Thriving remotely: a small-business guide to overcoming remote work challenges

To succeed in this digital-first environment, businesses need to address the risks of remote work and adopt best practic...
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New research sheds light on cyber security practices and sentiments of small business

Even when small businesses see the value in embracing a culture of cyber security, the research notes that they still fa...
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Range and extent of cybersecurity threats facing SMEs on the rise

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks were the second-highest type of attack that Sophos has handled in 2023.

Why ‘active’ cyber insurance is the key to protecting Australian SMEs

With a new cyber attack being reported every six minutes small businesses must stay ahead of cybercriminals and adapt to...
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Microsoft, NAB, and CITT partnership to boost cyber resilience of Victorian SMEs

The Australian Signals Directorate say that the average cost per cybercrime reported for a small business rose by 15 per...