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ATO underscores need for timely payments for tax and super

Aside from potential penalties, interest on overdue tax debts compounds daily at an annual rate of 11.15 per cent.
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Businesses reminded to pay their tax debts to avoid disclosure to credit agencies

Disclosures on tax debts can adversely impact a business's ability to receive financing in the future.
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ATO reminds businesses on contractor reporting deadline

The office also issued more than 16,000 penalties for businesses who didn’t lodge their TPARs for previous years, despit...

Thousands of SMEs make use of ATO tax amnesty

The amnesty applies to small businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million with overdue tax payments between 1 Dec...
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SMEs at risk from ATO and creditor action

High-interest rates and ATO action are creating fear of not only a business insolvency wave but also a personal insolven...
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How new technology empowers individuals and small businesses during tax season

Gone are the days of rifling through stacks of paper receipts or manually sorting through spreadsheets to gather the nec...

Gig workers beware: hiding your side hustles from the tax man is asking for trouble

Starting July 2023, the Sharing Economy Reporting Regime (SERR) requires all gig platforms to report the income they ear...

Sweet savings: Researchers say beverage sugar tax could save $176.6 million

The study investigated the cost-effectiveness of interventions for oral disease prevention, which can be implemented or ...
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Top EOFY tax tips for SMEs

As a consequence of the pandemic, the government expanded its instant asset write-off scheme for small businesses to enc...

How to borrow to consolidate your business tax debt

Businesses that obtained tax relief during the height of the pandemic are now due to repay up to three years of back tax...