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Domino’s uncovers $1.1 billion in underpayments

The Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating Domino’s franchisees over allegations of staff underpayments.

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Addressing the small stuff key to sole operator success

One of the keys to success for a sole operator is choosing the tight technology to lighten the load.

ASBFEO Kate Carnell

Small Business Access to Justice Bill passed in Senate

Senate passes Access to Justice Bill that would help small business get a fair go in the courts.

Inadequate marketing

Inadequate marketing resources costing small business

A lack of marketing resources leaves small businesses trailing their mid-tier counterparts in the race to attract customers.


Insolvency sector urged to show fairness to small business

ASBFEO warns insolvency sector to improve its accountability and transparency or face increased regulation.

Tobacco tax evasion

AACS welcomes illicit tobacco blitz

“The illicit tobacco market has huge economic ramifications for small businesses and the Government, and is also a major public safety issue.”

Small business to be squeezed by tax reform

Small businesses overwhelmingly reject proposed bank tax

Among the 400 small-business owners and managers surveyed in the past fortnight, 65 per cent oppose the bank tax.

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Q&A: Beernuts Productions

All our productions are only available via download from our website, and we plough the sales of each download back into the next one we make.


Court action after young journalists allegedly underpaid more than $300,000

It is alleged the media company underpaid or failed to pay journalists for work which appeared on regional news websites.


How to make your start-up irresistible to investors – Part 2

Selling the dream is all part of the sizzle that will sell an entrepreneur’s dream to investors.


Record penalty of $660,000 for fruit market operator

The record penalty was levied for “an egregious underpayment….that gave the respondents an unfair advantage in the competitive retail industry.”


Small business sector slugged by rising power prices

Most small businesses face increasing power prices above 20 per cent, potentially leading to lost jobs and closed shops.

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking, only hands. He is working on maki rolls. Preparing sushi set

Sushi operator allegedly underpaid vulnerable workers

Three sushi outlets have allegedly underpaid vulnerable workers more than $70,000.


Franchises: are they right for you?

Launching franchises is a great way to get into business but do your homework before taking the leap.

Chris Strode, Founder, Invoice2go

How to use the new financial year to revitalise your business

Welcome the new financial year as an opportunity for growth and setting new goals.

Focus on banking with Small Business isolated on blue

Australia a small-business success: Minister

Government minister vows to support Australia’s small-business success by preparing a reply to the late payments’ inquiry.


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