growth fund

Why the Australian Business Growth Fund doesn’t go far enough

A business founder argues that the ABGF needs to be expanded and further improved to support a vibrant SME environment in Australia.

IPO Initial Public Offering Stock Sale Magnifying Glass 3d Illustration

Four factors to account for when considering an IPO

An IPO is a significant step for a company to raise capital for growth while also entailing greater compliance, reporting, and due diligence.

Cashflow and funding concerning SMEs

Australian SMEs still feeling cashflow crisis: broker community

Cashflow challenges continue to drive the demand for small-business finance even as financing options for SMEs have become more difficult to secure.


A game of thorns: funding business growth

With so many pitfalls businesses may fall into when it comes to funding, there should be contingencies in place, to realise the opportunities.


What early STP adopters are saying

Feedback from small businesses who are early STP adopters has been overwhelmingly positive.

ABA welcomes small-business lending report

Online SME lending growing at 79 per cent

The online SME lending market in Australia continues to grow at a faster rate than the US market as greater competition in the market is anticipated.

Digital accounting is here to stay

How to get on top of boring, but important, small-business accounting

Accounting doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to know enough to understand how your business is tracking.

online business, revenue building

Pivoting online business from brand building to revenue building

Building a brand is the most important stage for any online business to get through as a prerequisite for growth.

Lielette Calleja

Single Touch Payroll a mega opportunity for micro business

The shift to STP presents opportunity for micro businesses to have stronger visibility around their cashflow.

small business community

An open letter to Bill and Sco-Mo on behalf of the small-business community

As the Federal Election looms, a small business leader encourages the next government to enforce measures that will benefit the small business communi…

Jovana Vujnic

Personalisation in the next wave of automation

Personalising messages has made automation more “human”, helping businesses engage their market more effectively.

Cubes on scales with red patterns outweigh the money green. The concept of deficit, cost growth, business unprofitability. Pessimistic forecast, falling profits, outflow of investments and capital.

Small businesses losing $5.8 billion each year

Small businesses are losing out on opportunities due to insufficient cashflow and not utilising affordable, easy to use online financial management to…

Young handsome man enjoying a back massage. Professional massage therapist is treating a male patient in apartment. Relaxation, beauty, body and face treatment concept. Home massage.

Massage centres back pay workers

A massage centre operator has vowed to overhaul its workplace practices and back pay almost $40,000 after entering into an undertaking with the FWO.

financial wellness

How to achieve success by focusing on employee financial wellness

With high levels of financial stress experienced among many employees, it is important their employers help them gain some financial control.

Ellie Martin_Avery WePrint

Product labels: No big deal for small business

You can now create your labels yourself online – even if you’re just a one-man-band working out of your garage or off your kitchen table.

busy work

How busy work and billables affect your revenue

If you’ve got budget for one or two employees, make them count where it counts most for your business – revenue production.


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