just in time

Just in time or still too late?

The just in time supply chain principle aims to reduce lead-time and costs in delivering a product, but it may not be suitable to all SMEs.


How small business can weather the COVID-19 storm

SMEs contribute significantly to the economy and it is important to the health and sustainability of local communities that they survive COVID-19.

sustainability, carbon emission, congestion, wasteful

Agreeing to the end the wasteful workplace

If employees realise the benefits and impact of operating in a less wasteful, more sustainable way it empowers them to make a difference.


Reopening visa program a potential lifeline for start-ups

The stalling of a visa program that invests funds into the start-up sector due to the COVID-19 travel ban isdenying the sector up to $100 million.

COVID-19 already hitting SME sector hard

Bizcover’s tracking of the SME insurance market reveals a significant downturn in activity and rise in policy cancellations since the first week of Ma…

bookkeeping, hr, payroll

What is impacting HR and Payroll in 2020?

How small businesses can keep up with the technological disruptions and policy changes occurring throughout HR and payroll.

crisis to opportunity

Coronavirus: opportunity in crisis

In a time of crisis the complacency we often fall into in good times must be replaced with razor-sharp focus and a commintment to innovate.

A 10-step COVID-19 plan for small business

How small businesses can be able to address the challenges brought by the COVID-19 and protect their business even in the midst of a crisis.

Fintech calls for partnership with banks to manage SME rescue package

A fintech boss calls for cooperation between government, banks and fintech companies to expedite the processing of loans for SMEs.

security company

Security company penalised for underpayments

A security compnay has been fined for paying 14 employees flat rates as low as $18 an hour instead of the around $40 an hour they were entitled to.

What business car finance option is right for me?

A detailed look at the car finance option that is most suitable for you when you are looking at the best way of acquiring a business vehicle.

payment, payments, pay rules, payroll managers

Payroll teams on high alert in wake of underpayments

Outsourcing to experts is one of the measures some payroll teams are taking to avoid the type of costly underpayment scandals seen recently.


Bushfire support hotline opens for small business

Small businesses impacted by the recent bushfire crisis can now call a dedicated hotline where they will get advice from financial counsellors.

How SMEs can use their accountant for more than just tax returns

A good accountant will add much more value to your business than simply completing the tax returns and ensuring you comply with the law.

relief package, financial measures

Banks release COVID-19 relief package for SMEs

Australian banks have announced a multi-billion dollar relief package to help keep small businesses afloat in this time of crisis.

stimulus package

Government announce more stimulus for small business

An increase in cash pay payments of up to $100,000 for struggling small businesses headline the Government’s latest COVID-19 stimulus package.


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