Top tips for managing business cashflow after the holiday period

January is usually a quiet month for many small businesses and it’s the perfect time to finally get the cashflow in order.

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Bezos divorce lessons for business couples

It is still possible for couples who co-own a business to divorce but be able to continue working together.

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Operator of 7-Eleven outlet and restaurant penalised for underpayments

A judge found the actions of the operator who tried to hide the underpayments through a cash back scheme “deliberate and grave.”

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First crowdfunding academy launched in Australia

ReadyFundGo’s crowdfunding academy aims to support businesses wanting to ride the expected crowdfunding wave this year.

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Currency lessons for SMEs

There are lessons to be learned from the performance of the Australian dollar in 2018 that importers and exporters should take into account.

alternative lending

Is 2019 the year alternative lending goes mainstream?

Online lending growth is poised to offer huge opportunities for small-business owners in 2019.

summer break

Having the ultimate summer break without sacrificing cashflow

With proper planning and tools in place, small-business owners need not sacrifice a summer break so they can run their businesses efficiently.

Richard Weinstein

Q&A: Water-powered growth

Fitness fanatic Steve Petteras was so impressed by the benefits of an alkaline water he bought the company.

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Why you should be reviewing your business at BAS time

Reconciling bank records is essential especially when it is time for your business to lodge its BAS report.


B2BPay to help Australian businesses increase cashflow and travel in 2019

B2BPay with Qantas Business Rewards is helping Australian businesses save time, boost cashflow and get more rewards points this 2019.


How e-invoicing can transform businesses

E-invoicing saves businesses time and money, while avoiding costly mistakes and penalties associated with paper invoicing.


Cashflow tips to help SME owners avoid a New Year headache

Cashflow at this time of year is a real issue for SMEs but there are smarter solutions available that won’t negatively impact on your credit rating.

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The business benefits of Single Touch Payroll

STP is all about increased visibility and automated information sharing, thus increasing efficiency and reduce tax evasion.

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bankrupt,bankruptcy court,

Five ways to stay solvent when running a business

When you’re a small-business owner, personal and business finances are often intertwined – these tips will help you stay solvent and avoid getting y…

Next Generation of Workers Waiting to Join the Workforce 3D Render

Two changes to the casual workforce laws that impact SMEs

Employers should be aware of the minimum wage increase and that casual workers can request full-time status after reaching certain employment conditio…


$140,000 in penalties for Degani café

Employees at a Degani cafe were underpaid their minimum hourly rates, penalty rates and other entitlements over a nine-week period in 2016 as a result…


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