Why you need to know your business credit score

A business credit score is only a general idea of your risk profile but it can determine your chances of getting that loan for your business.

Top five mistakes to avoid when emailing your debtors

The top five ways to get small debts paid

Small debts add up very quickly so be sure to implement a good collection strategy.

Two diplomats from China and Australia extending their hands for a handshake on an agreement between the countries.

Australian innovators eye China’s vibrant fintech hubs

Australian fintech companies have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to potential partners in China.


The perils of being a sole trader

Many SMEs place themselves at huge risk of closure by failing to appreciate the significance of the business structures, namely Sole Trader” and Lim…

Roger Mendelson

SME debt levels concerning despite positive business outlook

The easiest way to reduce SME debt levels is to pursue outstanding invoices earlier.

Time to work

It’s time to get serious about keeping records of staff hours and wages

Encouraging your workforce to download and use this app will cost you nothing, but could result in huge savings simply by promoting the habit of keepi…


Gourmet food business faces court over pregnancy discrimination allegations

FWO alleges company presenting employee with resignation letter pre-written by them constitutes pregnancy discrimination.


Small businesses must recognise the importance of cashflow to ensure success

The importance of cashflow cannot be overstated – every single decision related to it affects business growth.


How to maintain relationships with Chinese suppliers

Maintaining strong relationships with Chinese suppliers requires due diligence and cultural sensitivity.

Long hot summer creates small business winners and losers

Long hot summer creates small business winners and losers

New survey finds almost one in three businesses bothered by extremely hot summer temperatures.

Tips for financing an expanding business

Tips for financing an expanding business

By organising your finances and doing the research, obtaining funding to help you in expanding business can be a smooth and simple process.

Shaynna Blaze, Interior Designer

The key to success: how staying organised is essential to starting your own business

Staying organised – with paperwork, your office space and everything else – is key to running a successful business.


Don’t get caught out on R&D claims!

Business owners can ameliorate their cashflow by accessing R&D claims tax incentives.

Close up of hand stacking silver coins with phone on paper bill Business finance and money concept Save money for prepare in the future Vintage style

Four things small business owners should be asking their bookkeeper – Part 2

Improve your financial literacy by having an honest conversation with your bookkeeper.

Young restaurant workers

Regional restaurant commits to change after underpaying workers more than $22,000

An audit revealed the restaurant was underpaying workers with as little as a $7 per hour rate.


Why businesses who don’t recycle are missing out

By adopting a recycle and waste management plan which minimise waste and promote efficiency, businesses can make surprising savings.


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