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Plumber in hot water for underpaying young worker

A plumber gave the FWO falsified apprenticeship document and time-and-wages records that purportedly show an employee was paid more than he actually w…


Planning for the highs and lows of the festive season

How to understand and overcome the challenges for small businesses over the festive period, chief among which is the number of public holidays.

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Four in five businesses stuck with 20-year-old payroll technology

The findings on payroll technology problems come at a time when a wage underpayment epidemic is sweeping across some of Australian companies big and s…

Ombudsman calls for better protection of employee wages

ASBFEO says while SMEs who deliberately flout wages laws should be punished, penalties for mistakes should take the complexity of the system into acco…

Understanding your small-business loan options

There are hundreds of achievable loan options out there, small-business owners just need to speak up and start asking to be guided in the right direct…

Veterans’ recruitment company wins top technology award

A company that helps veterans uncover their full potential through jobs in civilian life has achieved 13,000 per cent growth in three years.

Lack of cross-border confidence costing SMEs $84bn in lost revenue

The OFX Cross-Border Confidence Index revealed almost half of all Australian SMEs are feeling uncertain about the future of the local and global econo…


Former pizza franchisee penalised for multiple underpayments

A judge has imposed hefty penalties on a former pizza franchisee for underpaying seven employees to deter other employers from similar conduct.

Q&A: (Coco)nuts about healthy hydration

A coconut water entrepeneur shares how she adressed the lack of functionality in a category against which the supplement and powder market was booming…

Three ways to build a sustainable business

Business sustainability depends on focusing on making sensible, long-term decisions with regard to to the environment, your finances and your personal…

Fraud prevention is better than cure

The lean, informal structure of a small business makes it prone to greater risk of falling victim to fraud by an employee.

dental practice

Dental practice faces court for ignoring back-pay order

The FWO alleges that the dental practice has failed to comply with a Compliance Notice requiring it to back-pay its employees.


Restaurants need “bums on seats” to make ends meet

As financial costs continue to rise, restaurants across the country may be forced to raise prices in order to stay in business.

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Small employers urged to make the switch to STP

“It’s really important for small employers to contact us if they have any concerns about their ability to transition to STP.”

Aussie SMBs tap into Hong Kong growth

The tax-free port in Hong Kong and the city’s world-class logistics facilities have enticed businesses from across the globe, including Down Under.

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Why it’s time your small business ditched the paper trail

Cloud technology now makes it possible for you to do away with the cluttered paper trail in favor of more organised storage that you can access anytim…