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Call to compensate small businesses hit by new Victoria lockdown

The ASBFEO is calling on the Victorian government to support small businesses as new lockdown measures cost them a bumper Valentine’s Day weekend trad…


How to choose the best POS system for your business

POS systems generate transactions and record data, which can then be used for inventory tracking, financial reporting and storing customer information…

Why the ATO is coming for small business

History suggests the prime target of the ATO will be small businesses and high wealth individuals which make up almost 50 per cent of the $53bn debt.

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Impending end of JobKeeper a major concern for small-business owners

The level of concern in the small-business sector is rising as the government stick to their guns on the scheduled end date of the JobKeeper program.

How SMEs can avoid rising COVID-fuelled e-commerce fraud

E-commerce fraud has increased as more consumers shop online and retailers must take all the necessary steps to protect their business and their custo…

SMEs looking for additional capital on road to COVID recovery

With the JobKeeper safety net scheduled to end in March, many SMEs are looking for additional capital to fund their ongoing post-COVID recovery.

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Talent and capital key to post -COVID success for technology SMEs

Technology SMEs say that their main focus in the next 12 months is getting access to capital funding and attracting key talent.


One in three Aussies ready to leave their job and become entrepreneurs

Only half of Australians say they like their job and a third of them have committed to make a career change as entrepreneurs this 2021.

Starting a side-hustle in the new year? Here’s what you need to know

A lot of people have started doing side-hustle work to augment their income but are unaware of the tax implications that may affect them.

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Cleaning business ordered to clean up its act on staff payments

A judge has described a Ballarat cleaning company’s underpayments as “deliberate”, with back payments made only after legal action was initiated.

credit reporting

Credit reporting laws a win for small businesses: Banking Association

The new Comprehensive Credit Reporting laws will help credit agencies gain more insight into the “worthiness” of prospective loan applicants.

renewable energy, clean energy

Why the renewable energy revolution is good for small business

Renewable energy investment in the private sector has been supported by state governments and this has driven wholesale energy costs in Australia to h…

JobKeeper, government, loan

Proposed loan scheme a lifeline for COVID-affected small businesses

Hopes rise in the small-business community that a much talked about and wished for revenue-contingent business loan scheme will become a reality.

reforms, spiral

New reforms to personal insolvency system provide relief for small businesses

A Personal Insolvency Agreement gives a debtor the opportunity to put forward a proposal to compromise and pay their debts via instalments.

virtual offices

How virtual offices can help grow your small business

Virtual offices create new opportunities for small-business owners to save money while they grow their business without being tied down to a lease.

The rise of the side hustle among 2021 trends for SMEs

Digital automation will fuel the operations of SMEs and empower them to gain real-time business insights, improve financial reporting, and innovate.


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