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Pressure of Christmas

Christmas not always merry for small businesses

If Christmas 2019 is anything like last year, Australians will collectively spend around $51.5 billion between mid-November and 25 December.

Small businesses in financial trouble urged to seek help early

Feedback gathered by the ASBFEO suggests that small businesses experiencing financial difficulties are often leaving it too late to seek help.


Six lessons I’ve learnt in six years running my business

Being able to grow a business in six years takes a lot of planning, passion in what you do, and learning a few lessons along the way.

No more free financing for clients

While having a credit insurance policy doesn’t replace credit management, it complements it and frees up staff to focus on actually running the busine…

“Recidivist” travel agency penalised

A judge noted that the travel agency’s “level of dishonesty is such in this case that I cannot be confident that they will not contravene again.”

Christmas survey,

Retailers’ Christmas Survey 2019

Survey reveals a less optimistic sentiment among retailers this Christmas season compared to last year, due in the main to careful consumer spending.


Food outlets in court over underpayment of teenage workers

The Cairns food outlets allegedly underpaid 18 workers, including teenagers, almost $14,000 and provided falsified or incomplete records.

delivery investment, delivery managmeent

Five reasons to consider an integrated mailing and parcel sending solution

Research by Pitney Bowes shows the parcel shipping market continues to grow steadily, with Australian volume reaching 864 million in 2018.


Index highlights change in the commercial lending market

Major banks are facing a challenge from non-banks, fintechs and neo banks, who are gaining loan market share due to their nimbleness and innovation.


Fair Work audits Top Juice outlets

The audits are in response to anonymous reports from Top Juice employees that indicated the outlets may be breaching the Fair Work Act.

Asian expansion

SMBs look to lucrative Far East opportunities

Australia and Hong Kong have signed a free trade and investment agreement, which sees all tariffs on goods originating between the two eliminated.

retailers fraud

Why penalising retailers won’t help fight fraud

The new credit fraud regulations fail to recognise the costs retailers incur combating fraud, costs often greater greater than the fraud itself.

Drought plan backlash over water and small-business loans

The Morrison government is facing questions over two key elements of its drought plan – a revamped loan scheme and making water available to grow fo…

How the gig economy could create hidden tax issues

Businesses in the gig economy should make sure whether they consider their people are independent contractors, employees, or a hybrid of both.

Alternate finance sources

Reverse factoring a potential finance future for SMEs

Reverse factoring can be a stimulant for SMEs that allows them them and their larger clients to trade on the terms that aren’t detrimental to either p…

drought loan

Government’s $1 billion loan package aims to boost drought-affected regional businesses

The Federal Government will provide farmers and businesses in regional and rural communities affected by the drought with additional stimulus measures…