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Christmas festivities tax

Keeping out of trouble with the taxman in your Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities for your small business may be end up costing you a lot more than a hangover if you aren’t tax-wise.

tax returns

Top tips for filing your tax return ahead of deadline

It’s important to get your return in as soon as possible in order to get back any tax that you are owed and to take advantage of the tax offsets.

tax hotspots, audit

The Australian Tax Office hotspots 2019 – do they apply to you?

The tax office is looking into work-related expenses and investment property claims as hotspots where taxpayers may make errors.

asset write-off

How SMEs can take advantage of the instant asset write-off

The instant asset write-off is a great way to tax effectively fund the expansion and efficiency of the business and reduce taxable profits.

Keeping tabs on Christmas costs

Top tips on managing cashflow in the midst of rising Christmas costs to get your business through to the new year on a healthy footing.

Online retail: hobby or business?

Every year the ATO pursues thousands of taxpayers who thought they had a hobby but the taxman thought they had a business, and taxes them accordingly.

2016 Budget tax breaks

The tax break all small businesses should know about but don’t

Despite a clear lack of awareness about the $20,000 instant tax write-off among many small businesses, the tax break has been a great boost to those w…

Instant asset write off the key Budget measure for small business

“The $20,000 instant asset write off is the tax break that refuses to die and – given its popularity with small-business owners – that’s very go…

How to restructure your business in a tax-efficient way

A detailed look at the tax implications of the restructure of a small business.

How to stay out of trouble with the taxman this festive season

A guide to the FBT rules when entertaining and rewarding both your employees and your clients at Christmas.

It’s time to do a health check on your tax

A quarter of the way through the financial year is a good time to do a tax health check and ensure you’re on the right side of the ATO.

Top tax tips for small business

Some handy tax tips to help you navigate the accounting and tax responsibilities that come with running a business.

The most common small-business tax misconceptions

In this article we help debunk common tax misconceptions for SMEs so they can focus on growing their business.

Benefits in investing in third-party bookkeeping

With third-party bookkeeping, you’ll get real time visibility into your business financial performance and streamlining the preparation of BAS, tax …

Proposed changes to ATO for SME penalties welcome

As the mistakes are typically not deliberate in the first place, such SME penalties do nothing to change taxpayer behaviour but they do impose financi…

Taxing Times, tax time

Taxing time for small business in 2016 – Part 2

Good record-keeping is crucial to efficient business management and will make a taxing time for small business easier if the ATO ask you questions


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