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Late payments to Aussie small businesses improve

A recent study noted a 2.5-day decline in late payments across Australia, which is seen as a a “measurable, positive effect.”

family businesses

National Family Business Day 2019 celebrates the “heartbeat” of Australian business

Family businesses are recognised as the heartbeat of Australian commerce, providing considerable investment and employment opportunities.


SME finalists announced in sustainability awards

The Premier’s Sustainability Awards is one of Victoria’s major sustainability programs which honors those who advocate environmental awareness.


Indigenous Business Month forms partnership for 2019 awards

Indigenous Business Month has partnered with CGU Insurance to hand awards to the selected indigenous SME owners or operators.

cafe franchisees, franchisee, compliance

Coffee Club franchisee in court for underpayments

The cafe franchisee is facing allegations of underpayments and providing false records to inspectors, meriting possible penalties.

importers, delivery

FedEx remote pickup service promises faster response to SME importers

With FedEx’s new offering, SME importers are promised response times as few as two hours for remote pickup requests of the goods they are importing.

Deregulation seen as good for small businesses

The ASBFEO is supporting the call of many Australian small businesses for lesser red tape and some added deregulation to help foster growth.


Gig economy small-business couriers now covered for dispute resolution

The driver contractors act in Victoria has been amended to include couriers and other contractors employed through third-party platforms.

kids clothing store

Kids clothing retailer faces court

The kids clothing retailer is alleged to not only have underpaid workers but also hindered Fair Work inspectors from conducting a site visit.


Banks told not to impose moral compass on legitimate small businesses

Banks are reminded that it is wrong to discriminate against legitimate small businesses on moral grounds rather than on financial capability.


Hepburn Shire set to receive greater small business support

Hepburn Shire Council has joined the Small Business Friendly Council initiative that aims to support people wanting to start and grow their businesses…

SMSF, super, unpaid

Majority of workers still hit by unpaid super despite ATO actions

To fix the issue of unpaid super, Ithere are calls not only for tougher compliance, but for a change in the law to make super payable on payday.

regional SME award

NSW regional pitchfest winners awarded

Amelio Health won the the top award at the Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest for its online support program for people in pain and their health professi…

Patent regime axing a threat to small businesses: Ombudsman

The ASBFEO argued that the innovation patent regime is the only viable way for SMEs to access short-term IP protections, especially in event of disput…


Stadiums’ cleaning contractors audited

FWO conducted the audits in response to reports that cleaning companies that are contracted for stadiums may not be compliant with workplace laws.

mentality, thinking, mental health

Over half of small-business owners experience mental health issues

More than half of Australia’s small-business owners say that running their own business has led to feelings of anxiety or depression.


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