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Tech comes to the aid of ailing hospitality businesses

Local businesses with no experience in providing home delivery are getting cost-effective, professional solutions form innovative Aussie tech ventures…

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Small business requests for early payments surge

An early payments platform has seen a massive increase in requests from SMEs as COVID-19 eats into their cash reserves and capacity to keep operating.

Local businesses fight back to keep workers working

Small local businesses such as cafes and indie retailers have been able to sustain more scheduled working hours for their teams than some of their riv…


Payroll tax relief aimed to help NSW SMEs through COVID-19

“Removing payroll tax and providing relief to the most vulnerable will help protect the community as we deal with an unprecedented public health eme…


SME subcontractors seek payment reform to avoid building industry collapse

A group of building industry stakeholders has called on the government to initiate reforms that ensure payments across the contractual supply chain.


Pop-up mall to house bushfire-affected businesses

The pop-up mall is seen as a symbol of resilience of the community and the hope for a stronger future, especially in the midst of yet another crisis.

“Hibernation” the only way to save small businesses: Ombudsman

“Small businesses…forced to shut their doors as well as those who suffer a significant loss of income should be able to go into business hibernation…

Food delivery platforms urged to halve fees for sake of small businesses

Food delivery services are being asked to slash the fees they usually charge small businesses as a way to help them through the current crisis.

cleaning company, cleaner

Cleaner caught in payroll and compliance issues

A cleaning company is in a mess over failing to comply with an FWO notice to rectify underpayment of its casual staff that was issued late last year.

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JobKeeper package a potential lifeline for small businesses

The JobKeeper package announced last night by the federal government will apply to almost half of all working Australians and bolster their employers.

Employers urged to avoid letting go of staff

Business owners are urged to explore other options that can help keep their business running instead of resorting to laying off their staff.

MFDs, online portal

My Business Health adds COVID-19 resources

Originally set up in the wake of the bushfire crisis, the My Business Health web portal now has a section dedicated to resources for COVID-19 issues.


Reopening visa program a potential lifeline for start-ups

The stalling of a visa program that invests funds into the start-up sector due to the COVID-19 travel ban isdenying the sector up to $100 million.

COVID-19 already hitting SME sector hard

Bizcover’s tracking of the SME insurance market reveals a significant downturn in activity and rise in policy cancellations since the first week of Ma…

New portal offers free access to business services

The new portal offers a range of business services such as teleworking technologies and other tools to ensure business continuity.

family businesses

Consumers urged to support family-owned small businesses

The FBA are urging consumers help bolster family businesses which, in turn will help the economy move forward and protect jobs.


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