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Q&A: The innovators offering a chemical-free alternative to chronic pain relief

Two innovative Queenslanders have developed a chemical-free alternative to pill-popping for the three million plus Aussies who suffer from chronic pai…

Top of the class

Jonathan Sanghvi is the CEO of Kinetic Education, an enterprise that helps young Australians to achieve their full potential in maths and English.


What SMEs should consider when adopting a cloud-first print strategy

Cloud-based print infrastructure is the next frontier for SMEs as it can address cost and efficiency issues while providing better security.

Payroll teams struggling on shift work and penalty rates

The recent glut of payment scandals is no surprise with so many of payroll teams saying they need more info on penalty rates and shift work entitlemen…


Five reasons to practise self-care when life is busy

Self-care helps nurture your body and mind, which helps you replenish your energy and enthusiasm to accomplish what you need to do.

Taking building management up a level

“Most strata or body corporate managers only have about 10 per cent of the information about the buildings they are managing to hand at any one time…

It’s time to lift your customer experience game

Making customer experience a priority for your business this year is a smart and strategic move that will pay off in a big way.


Tradies prefer keeping their business within the family

A new survey reveals the biggest pain points for tradies, with 60 per cent struggling with cashflow and attaining a healthy profit margin.

Online portal offers support for bushfire-hit SME owners

Web portal My Business Health will be offering information on grants and loans, as well as assistance on various needs of small businesses.

Why natural and organic Aussie products are set to fly

The demand for Australian natural and organic brands from both domestic regional centres and international markets is on the rise.

delivery investment, delivery managmeent

Trends in parcel delivery all small businesses need to be aware of

Whether your business is B2C or B2B doesn’t really matter, customer expectations around parcel delivery are rising and you need to be “on trend”.

How tech investments can help SMEs hijack the slowing economy

An SME that makes even small tech investments already has a competitive advantage over its less nimble larger rivals who take longer to implement chan…

Creating a budget…and sticking to it!

Creating a budget may sound like a daunting prospect, but is perhaps the best way to gain a holistic understanding of your small business’s finances…

Fellowship to help women land top roles at tech start-ups

The fellowship program will provide selected participants intimate access to some of Australia’s best founders and top VCs and gain first-hand insig…

login, MyGovID

ATO urges SMEs to adopt myGovID as deadline looms

Business owners are encouraged to register for the more secure myGovID as it is set to replace the old AUSKey system by 27 March.

balance parenthood

How to balance parenthood and pursuing your dreams

An entrepreneur shares how she was able to balance the duties of parenthood while growing her salon business, overcoming numerous challenges along the…


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