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working from home

Working from home during COVID19: what do I work on?

Working from home brings enormous opportunity to focus on tasks on your to-do list, so it’s time to determine the tasks you should prioritise.

hackers, email security

How your small business can avoid fake invoice scams

With scammers becoming more sophisticated, it becomes more difficult detecting fake invoice scams, especially without the proper tools in place.

Your customers are crying out for quality content right now

In these challenging times, more than ever, your customers are in dire need for quality content, especially that coming from experts.

relief package, financial measures

A detailed look at key COVID-19 financial measures for SMEs

A look at what three key financial measures mean for SMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how they can avail themselves of these benefits.


Pop-up mall to house bushfire-affected businesses

The pop-up mall is seen as a symbol of resilience of the community and the hope for a stronger future, especially in the midst of yet another crisis.

“Hibernation” the only way to save small businesses: Ombudsman

“Small businesses…forced to shut their doors as well as those who suffer a significant loss of income should be able to go into business hibernation…

What should independent retailers do during COVID-19?

Retailers should come together, support each other, share best practice, and rely on technology to get through the uncertim months ahead.

How to structure your working from home time

A key element in ensuring a productive and positive experience working from home is to maintain your regular office routine.

Changing it up: marketing and doing business in uncertain times

In these uncertain times SME owners need to find ways of doing business and servicing their customers in whatever way possible.

Food delivery platforms urged to halve fees for sake of small businesses

Food delivery services are being asked to slash the fees they usually charge small businesses as a way to help them through the current crisis.

cleaning company, cleaner

Cleaner caught in payroll and compliance issues

A cleaning company is in a mess over failing to comply with an FWO notice to rectify underpayment of its casual staff that was issued late last year.

drought loan

JobKeeper package a potential lifeline for small businesses

The JobKeeper package announced last night by the federal government will apply to almost half of all working Australians and bolster their employers.

Marketing during Coronavirus: how to adapt for crisis or recession

Reorienting your marketing communication when a crisis hits can be very challenging, but is necessary so your business can continue to thrive.


Bring back the power of using the phone

Even as new technologies have made communication more interactive, there is still value in phone communication, especially for deeper conversations.

just in time

Just in time or still too late?

The just in time supply chain principle aims to reduce lead-time and costs in delivering a product, but it may not be suitable to all SMEs.


How small business can weather the COVID-19 storm

SMEs contribute significantly to the economy and it is important to the health and sustainability of local communities that they survive COVID-19.


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