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6 specific actions you can take to support wellness of your staff and yourself in order to perform at your best.

Focusing on employee wellness is good for business

There is a connection between employee wellness and employee productivity, so it’s important to create a healthy workplace.

New program to address girl drought in STEM and entrepreneurship

A new program has been designed by girls and for girls to learn about entrepreneurship and future careers that are available in STEM.

Customer Service

Customer service makes small businesses the first choice of consumers

Research reveals small businesses have a distinct advantage over big businesses when it comes to the customer service they provide.


Superannuation fees fall for the first time in six years

Superannuation fees drop as funds achieve greater economies of scale due to a growth in the assets they have under management.

asset write-off

Do right by your business with an instant asset write-off

Many small-business owners still have no idea how the instant asset write-off can benefit them in growing and improving their business.

remote working

How technology is shaping the remote-working revolution

In order to fully capitalise on the remote-worlking revolution, small businesses need technology to ensure seamless connectivity.

Five common financing mistakes that SMEs make

For small businesses to maximise the benefits of their loan financing, it is important that they are aware of, and are able to manage, the risks invol…

start-up wellbeing

Start-up performance compromised by founder wellbeing

A new report shares that founders not prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing is a detriment to the success of a start-up.

STP, payroll system, reporting

Many small businesses still to switch to new digital payroll reporting system

A third of small-business employers that have yet to do STP reporting or notify a delay in implementation should expect calls or visits from the ATO.

FWO back pay awards

Family services organisation to back-pay workers

The family services org alerted the regulator after a review found it had underpaid overtime rates, allowances for shift, on-call and sleepover allowa…

late client payments, cash

If cash is king, why have so many SMEs become its pawn?

Large companies extend payment times to their small-business suppliers to shore up their own cash reserves, putting huge pressure on the SME sector.


Why monthly is better than weekly in inventory forecasting

For many products, the benefits of weekly forecasting are largely insignificant and do not warrant the extra effort doing it weekly entails.

recycling office equipment

Recycling old office devices reduces the environmental footprint

Disposing of items of office equipment rather than recycling them poses a risk to the environment due to the hazardous materials they contain.

Small business payment times

Small businesses suffering unduly at the hands of the ATO

75 per cent of Australian finance brokers believe that the ATO’s repayment plan for small businesses was either “way too harsh”, or “quite har…

Emails, business email

Email security attacks on the rise

Business email users report a significant increase in emails containing malware and spam, evading existing email security systems.

Ombudsman backs outstanding women in small business

The 2019 Outstanding Western Sydney Women Awards is a means of supporting the growing number of female Australian small-business owners.


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