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Why small business needs to change its approach to internal communication

What small businesses can do to pivot, get ahead of the curve and create an environment that fosters communication and collaboration.

Taxi Lineup

How small businesses in the taxi industry can prepare for the Christmas period

Despite the stiff competition from Uber, the taxi industry can still reap the benefits the Christmas season offers to many businesses.

Asian children young kid hold touch and give red heart strong health to old mother lady hands with love, happy, care, encourage and empathy.

Helping start-ups connect to their empathetic side

An empathetic approach to servicing your customers creates an emotional connection and helps them feel better about themselves.

Pressure of Christmas

Preparing your business for the Christmas rush

Ensure that the extra inventory and supplies you will require during the heightened demand of the Christmas rush are accounted for.

Fake Dictionary, definition of the word dispute.

Payment times biggest cause of disputes for small business

New research reveals that 22 per cent of small businesses surveyed had been involved in a serious dispute in the last five years.

cleaning company

Cleaning company pledges to act over thousands of underpayments

A cleaning company that underpaid over 1000 of its workers almost half a million dollars has signed up to ongoing scrutiny of its workplace arrangemen…

Peter Mayne Treadstone

Q&A: A problem shared is a problem halved

“The flexible, social nature of a shared workspace means that you can surround yourself with like-minded people from a diverse demographic with endles…

Render illustration of computer keyboard with the print Emerging Technologies on two adjacent green buttons

Love it or hate it, you need it

Many technology challenges are common to new and/or existing businesses, and finding how to manage and minimise their impact is a worthwhile exercise.

pitch, conference

Five tips that will take a conference to the next level

Having a presence at a conference can be the ideal way to get you closer to your audience or expand your target market.

Feature article_Renzo

Preparing students for life and work

RMIT Activator is committed to teach an entrepreneurial mindset to students to empower them to overcome the lack of graduate jobs by starting their ow…

Crowdfunding Concept In Notepad Near Glowing Lightbulbs

How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is an enticing funding option but it can be difficult to pull off as only less than a third of campaigns reach their goals – here are som…

Hi Tech on a low budget

Hi Tech on a low budget

Many small-business owners suffer under the misconception that Hi Tech is “too expensive” for them, when it’s really not.

instagram, social media

How Facebook is forcing business to be more authentic

Businesses can take advantage of the recent changes to the algorithm on Facebook by becoming more authentic and personal in their interactions.

IP, IP Australia

Helping start-ups and digital SMEs get smart about intellectual property

A new initiative aims to guide early-stage businesses with a digital focus with information that will enable them to develop their intellectual proper…

cybersecurity breach

Grants open for small business cyber security health checks

The Cyber Security Small Business Program offers grants to small businesses looking to improve their online security.

Woman making stop gesture. Focus on a hand. Near the inscription STOP

Why working with clients you hate is a terrible business strategy

It is not sound business strategy to persevere with clients who only cause undue stress and problems that will negatively impact your business.


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