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superannuation, retirement fund

Four quick tips to maximise your superannuation

Top tips on simple management of your superannuation and maximising your long-term retirement savings.

brain, idea, concept

Say no to business brain-pickers

Don’t be afraid of charging other business owners when they ask to pick your brain as doing this shows you value your time that you’re giving up top h…

Digital Marketing

Five small business digital-marketing tools

Five simple, inexpensive tools small businesses can use to stand out form their peers on social media.


Most lucrative industries for small business growth revealed

“Aspiring small-business owners shouldn’t discount the tried and tested industries that are seeing rapid and continual growth.”

cybersecurity breach

Common cybersecurity blunders threatening SMEs

Most SME owners focus on avoiding major breaches, unaware that the majority of threats to their cybersecurity systems occur on a more micro scale.

ANDERSON Kerry Book 2016 1 ols

The importance of telling your story

Sharing your story can help explain who you are and what you stand for, encouraging more customers to decide on doing business with you.


Why smaller retailers should embrace AI, not feel threatened by it

AI has reached the point where it is sufficiently manageable and scaleable that smaller businesses can leverage it to retain customers and drive growt…

Along with knowing how to use social media and digital channels well can help you create awareness and set yourself up for success.

Is it possible to choose success?

Seven factors restricting the success of female entrepreneurs, and how to overcome them.


SMEs urge prioritisation of business tax cuts in Budget

KPMG research in the run-up to the budget reveals that despite instant asset write-off rules promising more cash for SMEs, more than two-thirds have n…

The impact of disruption on international trade

Free Trade Agreements boost SMEs’ growth prospects

The trans pacific FTA contains environmental, labour, anti-corruption and transparency measures with a special focus on the needs of SMEs.

Q&A Diamond Bear Dog

Q&A: Building a top table business from a dog’s dinner

How caring for an unwell dog led to a burgeoning business providing nutritionally balanced food for pets across the country.

Managed document solutions

How SMEs can benefit from print management and document solutions

Print management and document solutions can streamline previously-manual processes, supporting the business by freeing up key staff.

Personal brand

Five reasons to take control of your personal brand today

A recent Harvard Business Review article stated “Taking control of your personal brand may mean the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rew…

Small business loans

Credit where credit is due

A FinTech heavyweight applauds the ASBFEO’s inquiry into creating more affordable capital options for small business.

Mining workers

Legal action alleges underpayment of mining workers

It is alleged that the company underpaid the wages in lieu of notice-of-termination the mining workers were entitled to and unlawfully deducted their …

Nigel Collin

How to fall back in love with your business

As the business grows and changes, it can become routine and the daily grind can make any entrepreneur lose their passion for it.


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