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How the cloud and automation are helping SMEs support workplace flexibility

Cloud-based solutions not only help save money but also improve agility and enhance flexibility in the remote working environment.


The key to keeping up your energy to run a small business during COVID

Sleep, exercise and good nutrition give us the energy and the stamina to overcome the challenges of steering a small business through a downturn.

Managing remote teams: four ways to build trust

Moving to managing remote teams rather than an office-based model is as much as a perspective shift as it is a practical one.

The $25 billion reason to create more opportunity for female CALD SME owners

CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) small-business owners are generally tertiary educated and have people and commercial acumen.

Small businesses urged to take lead in skin cancer testing

As Australia continues to be the leading global hotspot for skin cancer, small businesses are urged to join the efforts to curb the rising numbers.


Small businesses’ debt to ATO soars

The Small Business Ombudsman has urged the ATO to refrain from returning to heavy-handed tactics, despite debts owed to them hitting a record high.

Q&A: The platform empowering female freelancers

Statistically, female freelancers charge 38 per cent less than their male counterparts, primarily due to a lack of confidence to charge what they are …

Strong family links keep local manufacturer going

While many small businesses have unfortunately succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linzner family drew on their 50 years of …

How to create a strong team environment

An entrepreneur extols the virtues of employing women, and the skillsets and values they offer that helps a business grow.

business confidence declining

SMEs still facing revenue decline despite signs of recovery

Despite some green shoots as restrictions and border closures are lifted, SME revenue and jobs data remain relatively weak.

just in time, international

The small business guide to international expansion

The rise of global eCommerce is making international expansion increasingly viable for even the smallest business with an online presence.

Tech time for farmers

Farmbot uses state-of-the-art IoT monitors alongside advanced software, algorithms and satellites to monitor on-farm assets and resources.

Why cultural diversity offers big benefits for small business

Research consistently shows that the vast majority of Australians support immigration and cultural diversity, and the benefits they bring to the work…

Bruce Billson appointed as new small business Ombudsman

Bruce Billson will take over the role of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman on 11 March as Kate Carnell’s five-year term en…


Retail Award changes to provide greater flexibility for small businesses

The Retail Award change means that part-time workers can put in increased hours, providing flexibility to businesses and security for part-time staff.

cloud adoption

What to watch for when accelerating cloud adoption

The potential performance benefits of cloud adoption are even more important in the current disrupted business environment.


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