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Entrepreneur written on running track

Taking a leap…or small steps?

The pros and cons of making the leap or taking things slowly when transitioning to be an entrepreneur.

Ecological energy renewable solar panel plant with urban landscape landmarks

Helping Australian businesses to switch to renewables

The Business Renewables Centre Australia is a platform designed to help businesses purchase renewable energy faster and more easily.

Finance and Investment concept.Money management and Financial chart.Double exposure investment

Investment in start-ups continues to hit new highs

Investment in start-ups in Q3 2018 topped $300 million with five out of the top eight deals being business productivity, financial or educational soft…

Efficiency Growth concept. Business and technology. Virtual screen

Four top tips for business efficiency

Creating efficiency in the workplace is not a solo act or about simply turning on new tools – your whole team needs to be on board.

danielle whitford

How SME owners can help employees reduce stress in the workplace

Encourage a culture of open communication about mental health and wellbeing so employees know that it’s OK to talk about stress at work.

Social Proof People Network Circle Group 3d Illustration

The power of social proof in marketing

It’s better to have no proof than low proof – certain forms of social proof can hinder the goal of conversion if it appears unpopular.

Gift cards

Gift cards designed to level the playing field for small businesses

Gift cards are an easy and affordable way for small businesses to offer their customers more convenient ways to make purchases this holiday season.


Former restaurant operators penalised $168,000 for underpaying worker

The former operators of a Cairns eatery have been hit hard for underpaying a migrant worker who worked as a waitress and then restaurant manager.

Find your true purpose

Waking women in business up to purpose

Knowing one’s “purpose” offers a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond the development of one’s growth and potential.

National Safety at Work month_Andatech

The benefits for SMEs in outsourcing drug and alcohol testing

Third party drug and alcohol testing is ideal for smaller businesses who want to comply with workplace H&S but would prefer a professional with ex…

Linear data center server park hosting vector illustration. Data center network equipment hosting storage database technology creative concept. Data center network infrastructure graphic design.

Why small players need to invest more in infrastructure

In any industry, if you see a shortage of infrastructure – either digital and/or physical – you need to invest in it.

Oil, fuel nozzles hang on the machine in the petrol station. Clip. Close-up of a men's hand using a fuel nozzle at a gas station. Petrol station. Filling station. Petrol. Gasoline. Man holding a gasoline nozzle. Petrol pump.

Petrol station allegedly underpaid visa holders

A petrol station allegedly failed to pay the minimum rates to two workers one of whom was also forced to pay part of the business’s income tax obligat…


Businesses urged to act immediately before planned season shutdown

“Businesses planning to shutdown across the festive season need to confirm close dates and notify staff in accordance with Award requirements.”

Cass Spies_Twisted Yoghurt

Q&A: A welcome twist on frozen yoghurt

Transitioning from a retail to a wholesale business has seen Cass Spies turn Twisted Yoghurt into a major player in her industry.

3d printing

Cyber security issues that need to be solved before 3D printing goes mainstream

Almost every form of technology can be subverted for evil and 3D printing is no exception.

social media presence

Social sharing your hurt – how much is too much?

Nowadays personal pages are a blend of business and personal so deciding what to share on social media is a delicate balancing act.


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