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Q&A: An ethical approach to babyware

Elysia set up Wildflower & Oak in 2017 to combine consumers’ refreshed loved for linen with the booming world of artisanal babyware.

Currency strategies for the “new normal”

Having a cash buffer or protection against volatile currency swings has been the difference between remaining open or having to close for some SMEs.


Three ways Aussie manufacturers can compete with China

Labour and supply chain costs today mean that “made in China” isn’t necessarily the cheapest option and companies should be looking at local manufactu…

relief package, financial measures, funding, commercial brokers

SMEs turning to commercial brokers for financing

Research reveals that more and more SMEs value the professional advice, market coverage and deal speed that brokers can offer.

Cultural shift: dealing with the HR challenges posed by COVID-19

COVID has brought about a cultural change in attitudes to flexible working that could end up being to the betterment of the business overall.

Flexible trade credit solutions

The pressures of the supply chain,amplified during COVID, means an increasing number of SMEs and their suppliers are exploring new trade credit soluti…

What small businesses need to know about content marketing in 2020

Small businesses can benefit from video and photo content that actively seeks to understand where and how their customers are shopping in 2020.

NBN move an opportunity for small business to digitise

NBN Co’s scheme will give around 1.4 million businesses access to high-speed fibre broadband, according to the federal government.


Melbourne small businesses optimistic despite lockdown

Over a third of Melbourne’s small businesses believe the Victorian economy will be better in a year – last month the figure was only 17 per cent.

B2B SMEs: it’s time to refocus, reignite, and rise

B2B businesses should take this opportunity to plan ahead as to how they can achieve growth in the “new normal” business environment.


Four reasons to invest in entry-level cloud talent

Cloud providers, governments, and training organisations are working hard to populate the Australian IT ecosystem with entry-level cloud talent.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Three tips on not falling foul of the Fair Work Ombudsman

Why are so many small businesses getting into hot water with the Fair Work Ombudsman? And, more importantly, how can you get it right?


Exporters, Australia has your back

Proposed changes to the Export Market Development Grant are designed to address the cashflow issues Aussie exporters have been facing during COVID.


Reskilling of digital workforce vital to economic growth

By 2027 it’s expected that we will have more than a million technology workers but, without reskilling, they will fall behind in competitiveness.

Corporate tax rate, tax options

Tax options available to COVID-19-affected small businesses

The ATO is offering a range of tax options designed to help alleviate the issues facing small businesses in the face of COVID-19.

recovery, resilience

From resilience to families: what have we learnt about small businesses this year?

While the nature and scale of COVID’s impact is unique to every SME, resilience – and the ability to pivot, survive and grow – has been common.


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