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The new Surface Pro 7+ brings versatility to business tech

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7+ for Business brings a number of features together to make life easy for the tech-focused entrepreneur.

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Building up the basics – Shuttle Digital’s results-focused approach to marketing

Shuttle Digital has a strong operation providing solid digital marketing services such as running Google and Facebook ads and setting up websites.

COVID Reality: Episode 5 – How five female entrepreneurs are running their small businesses

Five female entrepreneurs discuss the challenges they’ve faced as women and as small-business owners, proving mutual support is the key to success.

COVID Reality: Episode 4 – Managing a crisis

With lockdown restrictions easing there has been an increase in the number of people inquiring about both eCommerce and coworking spaces.

COVID Reality: Episode 3 – Survival mode

Learn to how going into survival mode has involved small businesses changing their plans, scaling down and rethinking their tactics.

COVID Reality: Episode 2 – Resilience

Two case studies epitomising the resilience shown by the small-business community to come through the COVID-19 crisis intact.

COVID Reality: Episode 1 – Crisis

The first in a series of short videos that reveal first hand the day-to-day struggles and successes of a number of SMEs during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to get back momentum…and keep it!

15 years studying the secrets of building momentum allows Michael McQueen to show you how to take control and thrive, even in turbulent times.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to better connect with customers and retain top talent

Strategic communications expert Jane Anderson shares the most effective ways to connect with your community in a time of crisis.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: Seven ways to find more customers in tough times

A best-selling author and business coach on how to pivot your business and discover the best ways to find new customers in these challenging times.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: the post pandemic brand-building blueprint

Customer experience expert Amanda Stevens answers all your questions around marketing and brand building in a post-pandemic environment.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: HR management “dos” and “don’ts”

A legal HR expert reveals the options open to small-business owners as they look to control costs while doing all they can to hang on to their team.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: Managing cashflow in a crisis

Expert advice for small-business owners on managing their cashflow so that they can remain solvent however long the COVID-19 crisis lasts.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to get through the next 90 days

The first video in our our COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs series focuses on getting the right mindset to steer your business through the crisis.

Cybersecurity – a big problem for small business

Most SME owners tend to be overconfident of the cybersecurity measures they put in place not realising how vulnerable they actually are.

Discover the latest trends, tech and strategies for success at B2B EXPO

B2B EXPO 2020 is a one-stop-shop event that connects businesses across all industries with the best services, ideas and products available this year.


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