COVID Reality: Episode 3 – Survival mode

In the first and second episodes of COVID Reality, we explored how small businesses at Workit Spaces were dealing with the beginning of the crisis. The third episode documents how a number of small businesses have gone into survival mode these past few weeks. We get to see the experiences of all types of companies including eCommerce businesses, essential businesses and agencies. For example, watch how Floraly, an online florist, have had a boom of online orders, and how Media in Action, a media agency, has had to use new marketing strategies.

These small-business entrepreneurs share the best tips for surviving despite all the changes that have taken place. Listen to how going into survival mode involved changing their plans, scaling down and rethinking their tactics. Though restrictions are starting to ease, looking on the bright side can still feel difficult. We hope that sharing this series will remind all entrepreneurs that there is a supportive community of small businesses online.

With small businesses employing almost 50 per cent of Australians in the workforce, we believe it’s important to give them a voice, especially with the current climate. COVID Reality serves as a platform to share how important these small businesses are to the economy and the struggles that they’re facing on a daily basis.

Brought to you by Talea Bader, Founder and Managing Director, Workit Spaces