COVID Reality: Episode 2 – Resilience

In the second episode of COVID Reality, a series following the lives of small-business entrepreneurs at Sydney coworking space Workit Spaces, we get to see how resilience has been crucial in keeping businesses alive amidst the madness. We learn how two companies in the eCommerce space are coping. Snack Proud, a snack company for corporate offices, starts receiving cancellations overnight as people start working from home, while Dibble, a plant-based condiment company, sees orders drop off with people panic-buying essentials.

We get to share their experiences and their resulting insights into how you can keep your head high through this tough period, positivity being one of the key components to riding it out.

This series has been put together to share small businesses’ stories from the “front line” of COVID-19 and emphasise to everyone just how important the small-business community is. It also serves as a reminder that you’re not alone, even if you’re not physically working with others at the moment – be that in an office, a coworking space or wherever you usually ply your trade.

COVID Reality hopes to shine a spotlight on small business, to inform the public and our politicians on the array of challenges that SMEs are facing at the moment. Individually small business may be overlooked but as a collective they have a louder voice. As the backbone of our economy, employing almost 50 per cent of Australia’s workforce, so what’s good for small business is good for Australia’s economy.

Brought to you by Talea Bader, Founder and Managing Director, Workit Spaces