The new Surface Pro 7+ brings versatility to business tech

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With digital innovation becoming more important to businesses, Microsoft’s latest hybrid device aims to provide everything SME’s need to succeed.

In-store technology has come a long way in the last decade. Alongside the massive jumps in consumer technology, what customers expect from devices has changed significantly.

As mobile point-of-sale technology takes off and as customers become more used to being served away from the traditional cash registers, hybrid devices that can fulfil the roles of a laptop, a desktop, and a tablet are increasingly useful in the business environment.

And with digital transformation fast becoming the lifeblood of every business post-pandemic, big or small, Microsoft’s latest stab at the hybrid market, the Surface Pro 7+ for Business, brings a number of features together to make life easy for the tech-focused entrepreneur.

Surface Pro 7+ has improved all-day battery life, utilising the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor with up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, ensuring a business owner can get what they need to get done quickly and won’t run out of space or power right when they need it.

And with optional LTE connectivity, you no longer need to worry about whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi in order to get the work done. A removable hard drive also means it’s easier to control who has access to your sensitive financial information and can retain data, should the device need a repair.

But as with all technology, the specs are only half the equation.

Versatility is the name of the game

Where the Surface Pro 7+ really shines is in its ability to be what you want it to be, when you need it.

“When we first introduced Surface Pro, we wanted to challenge the concept that people should have to choose between the portability and convenience of a tablet, and the power and productivity of a traditional laptop,” Robin Seiler, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices, said.

“In the past seven years, Surface Pro has become known for its versatility, power, and performance…it is by far our most widely adopted Surface device across business and education customers.”

In fact, Surface Pro usage in enterprise organisations nearly doubled in the last year, according to Microsoft.

And with 82 per cent of managers saying they’ll give more flexible work-from-home policies beyond the pandemic, and 71 per cent of employees wanting to continue to work from home some of the time, according to research commissioned by Microsoft, the ability to take work with you wherever you are becomes incredibly valuable.

The Surface Pro 7+ enables users to jump on important video calls with clients, jot down notes (either in a traditional word processor or literally, using the Surface Pen), show off product images and videos to customers, and plug into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to power the rest of their business.

Despite the versatility, it isn’t tethered to a power cable. The Surface Pro 7+ has 15 hours of battery life and can charge from five per cent to 80 per cent in just under an hour – making it easier than ever to take work on the go.

And, it comes in at speeds of up to 20 per cent faster than an iPad Pro when tested on GeekBench 5, due to using the latest Intel® Processor and enough RAM to keep programs loading quick.

“From small and medium size businesses to the largest organisations, Surface Pro 7+ is purpose-built with the needs of our business customers in mind,” Seiler said.

“This next generation of Surface Pro stays true to its ethos – delivering top customer requested updates while maintaining the same iconic design so customers can continue to leverage their existing investments.”

The Surface Pro 7+ for Business brings power and versatility together like never before so you can get it all done, from anywhere.

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Writer’s note: Some data/quotes pulled from this Microsoft blog revealing the product.