COVID Reality: Episode 5 – How five female entrepreneurs are running their small businesses

In a spin-off to our COVID Reality series, we’ve created an episode called Women of Workit. We showcase how five female entrepreneurs are running their businesses from our eCommerce coworking spaces. They share how they’ve gotten to where they are as well as how they’ve coped with COVID-19.

If you’ve watched our other episodes, you’ll know that this series hopes to give hope to small businesses. These small-business owners discuss their challenges they’ve faced as women and in general. We hope to remind others that you’re not alone in this journey. You can connect with our community, whether it be online or in-person, and join a support network.

The first entrepreneurs we’ve featured are Stephanie and Vanessa from the fashion label, Carver. They talk about their struggles with having started families right before COVID-19 hit. Then, Bella who runs a sustainability-focused fashion business, talks about how she hasn’t been taken seriously – fortunately, running an eCommerce store means she didn’t have to change her business model despite the pandemic.

This episode also features Eunica who worked in corporate taxation before starting her own eco-friendly baby product business, Alcmena. Finally, you’ll hear why our very own Emily Townsend decided to start Workit Spaces two years ago.

Despite the obstacles female entrepreneurs will face, as Emily Townsend says, “If guys can do it, girls can do it too.” With the current state of the economy, we all need to be working together, rather than against each other, to create new opportunities. Both men and women should strive to be fearless in creating something that makes a difference.

Brought to you by Talea Bader, Founder and Managing Director, Workit Spaces