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The secret to a successful small business is excellent customer service

Prioritising customer service, engaging in open communications and building strong relationships is the key to success i...

How to: Data-driven customer-centricity for SMEs

SMEs can step beyond the limitations of software designed to support one element of the business by selecting a scaled-d...
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Four digital marketing tips to optimise in 2023

Even with continued digitalisation, consumers still want to feel that they are valued and respected by businesses.
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How SMEs can do more with less to improve CX

With customer behaviour continuously changing, SMEs must strive for seamless CX to gain attention and loyalty.

Seven ways to tell whether your B2B business has customer relations nailed

Your Net Promotor Score should be a fair reflection of your standing with customers and whether or not they'd be likely ...

Why your business should consider a subscription business model

Subscribers who pay periodically and have a long-term association with your brand are less likely to opt out, allowing y...
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How to deliver great digital customer experiences that create revenue

Using the right tools, businesses can use post-purchase feedback to better understand the key drivers of spend and what ...

Q&A: Wrapping unique experiences in a gift box

Through their venture We Wander, Tom Dufraiss and Eric Amiel aim to create gift boxes that deliver a one-of-a-kind and m...
Zeigarnik effect

Affordable and accessible customer engagement strategies for your small business

There is no one single ingredient for a successful customer engagement plan, so it's important you really understand you...
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Lessons, opportunities and reasons to be optimistic for small hotel businesses

Incentivising loyalty, which helps hotels build certainty, contingency, and operate more cost-effectively, is essential.