The benefits of creating online video courses

Online video courses are a huge market that have a really positive impact on business owners who take the plunge. If you are still doubting whether the time and financial investment is worth it.

There are over 200 online institutions selling courses to over 800k learners. So, there is huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to get paid to share their knowledge.

Top five reasons to create your online video course now

It’s passive income: Once you’ve created your video and written content and distributed it online, that’s it, you can now sell that content over and over again. It’s making money on autopilot from people interested in your course.

Reach a wider audience: You can reach out to learners (and potential clients) that wouldn’t normally be in your scope. No more geographical boundaries, no more running out of time to sell. The use of video widens your audience even further as they are versatile for all types of learners. They add an extra dimension to your written content, allowing your audience to choose how they learn. (Plus, unlike live presentations, they can stop the video whenever they need. But you still have the added benefit of face and voice recognition.)

Easy to manage: Most of the learning platforms are really easy to follow. You create the course (that’s the tough bit), choose a platform and load it up. You do need marketing material like photos and you can link it to your current website. However, once all that is done, it is up to you how much effort you put into managing the course. Whether that is regularly updating the website, digital ads you might be running or special offers. If you don’t have the time, you can set it up and let it be.

Work from anywhere: It’s up to you if your course is sold with consultation sessions with you. Doing this does allow you to increase your price point, whether it be a Facebook group or one on one sessions. Even if you do decide to allocate consulting time with your course, you can still do this anywhere. You can build this course from anywhere in the world, educate anyone in the world, and keep your time flexible.

You control the costs: A lot of the teaching platforms start out with a free level to allow you to dip your feet in the water. This is a great way to run tests and find your audience without breaking the bank. You also control the content and how much you want to invest in it. You can film and edit all your own videos or audio files for your course chapters or modules, or you can invest in professionals (which means you can charge more per purchase).

Online courses are a strong way to show your level of expertise and build brand recognition. A brand that has established a strong relationship with its audience will have trust and future sales. So don’t be nervous about giving away knowledge, you are establishing your value through your online courses.