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Tim Ladhams

Tim Ladhams

Tim Ladhams is a print and digital editor and journalist with a business background of 30 years’ across multiple industries. Tim is the Editor of Inside Small Business. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Q&A: Health management app the platform for a healthier future

Wanngi is a health management app that lets people track all their symptoms, health records, medication and treatment plans.

Q&A: Never never giving up the recipe for success for gin-producing trio

A love for the complex flavour and the science behind outstanding gin led to three mates founding a successful distilling business.

Q&A: A pinch of salt the perfect solution for Fiji-based start-up

A couple whose tourism business was laid low by COVID are harvesting the natural resources on the doorstep to build a sustainable sea salt enterprise.

Q&A: Stretching the limits of possibility to build a family yoga business

A Queensland wife and mother has overcome a series of debilitating injuries to launch a studio specialising in pregnancy, post natal and back-care yog…

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Finding purpose in pain

Kathy Hubble’s integrated online learning platform helps people suffering with chronic pain and connects them with rehab professionals via chatbots.

Q&A: A dip into the food industry the recipe for success for a family business

Fond memories of working in his father’s deli was the inspiration behind an entrepreneur starting a business producing mediterranean dips and spreads.

Q&A: The winemaker breaking the mould in a six-generation dynasty

The sixth-generation member of a winemaking dynasty is breaking new ground by being the first female in the business to make her own wines.

Sweet streams are made of this

Alongside professionals looking to upskill, a new cohort of avid chocolate fans are tuning in to Kirsten’s online cooking classes.

Whatever floats your boat

Savvy boat owners maximising their investments by renting their boats out safe in the knowledge that they can control prices, schedule and availabilit…

Q&A: The platform empowering female freelancers

Statistically, female freelancers charge 38 per cent less than their male counterparts, primarily due to a lack of confidence to charge what they are …

Strong family links keep local manufacturer going

While many small businesses have unfortunately succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linzner family drew on their 50 years of …

Tech time for farmers

Farmbot uses state-of-the-art IoT monitors alongside advanced software, algorithms and satellites to monitor on-farm assets and resources.

Q&A: Entrepreneur of the Year award the icing on the cake for young baker

How a young man overcame a complete lack of experience to take over his family’s baking business and win an award for his entrepreneurship.

The app helping businesses stake their claim

Claim app uses geo-location and customer preferences to connect hospitality businesses with potential customers in their neighbourhood.

Branching out

Lord of the Trees harness Artificial Intelligence to keep their drones up in the air replanting trees at a rate of 160,000 seed pods per day.

Q&A: Grooming a barbershop experience with a difference

“What if we could combine the look, feel, and quality of a classic barbershop with the beauty services and experience of a salon where men can truly r…


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