Three powerful TikTok tips for professional service providers

During the last couple of years use of the short video app TikTok has exploded, making it one of the most used social media platforms globally. The average user spends over 50 minutes per day on the app and in 2021, the storytelling platform was the most downloaded app of the year. However, only five per cent of marketers use TikTok.

This isn’t because it’s an ineffective marketing tool. It’s simply because it’s a relatively new platform. TikTok is an incredible marketing platform for professional service providers. You have the opportunity to create authentic connections with your target market, and the competition on the platform is relatively low.

But if you’re brand new to the platform, how can you use it effectively to showcase your brand? To help you get started, here are three powerful TikTok tips for professional service providers.

1. Tell your authentic story

TikTok is all about authentic storytelling. Users are interested to learn about the person behind the brand rather than viewing portfolios, stats or case studies. 

Showcasing how you started your business, behind the scenes footage, or day-to-day operations. These are the types of things users engage with and react to.

Don’t waste time trying to create a perfectly curated feed. Instead, focus on quick ways to engage an audience with your story. To really get noticed, you have to put yourself out there, get in front of the camera and be authentic.

2. Jump on trends early 

Stay ahead of the game by being among the first to use trending sounds. Keep a close eye on the discovery page. It will show you what is trending daily, find a trend and incorporate it into an industry-relevant video.

Using trending sounds will give your video more chance to appear on other users’ discovery tab and go viral. Just ensure that the sounds are on brand and not too controversial. 

3. Add value, don’t push sales

It’s important to remember why TikTok users are on the platform. Primarily, they want to be entertained and educated in areas that interest them. Therefore, share plenty of tips, tricks and recommendations in your area of expertise or aimed at those who want to be just like you.

TikTok is not the place to pitch your skills or talk about how great you are, instead, make catchy videos that showcase your expertise, knowledge and skills. Customers will seek out your services as a result of these videos and after that, the sale process will be much easier.

Start now and get ahead

It is still considered “early days” for professionals on Tik Tok, while other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are getting highly competitive.

This is your chance to get ahead of the pack. All it takes is for one video to go viral! Be true to your brand and be as authentic as possible.