Seven simple ways to accessorise corporate wear for women

Corporate uniforms

There’s no denying it – putting on the same shirt and skirt for your office job each day can get a little dull. Dressing for work each day doesn’t have you need to put your personal style aside. Adding a handful of simple touches and accessories can enhance your office look and add some personality to your corporate wear. Below are seven ways to improve your office look:

1. Statement piece

The phrase “corporate wear” doesn’t mean you need to strip yourself bare of jewellery and other accessories. Add a bold pair of earrings, or a chunky necklace, some bangles – even a bright and unique watch. Treat your clothing as a base layer, and complement it with one or two statement items that bring a touch of your own personality and style to it.

2. Colour coordinate

Use colour to create an eye-catching and aesthetic work look. Colour-code your accessories to compliment your base work attire. This can be as simple as adding a shade of red lipstick, or as thorough as matching your accessories to your company logo’s colour scheme.

3. Add a scarf

Sophisticate your usual office uniform by adding a fashion scarf. Loosely tie a silk scarf around your neck to give a pop of colour, or wrap a larger cotton pashmina-style scarf over your shoulders for cooler months during the year.

4. Pimp your pumps

The perfect way to improve your office look is investing in a good quality work-appropriate shoes. A subtle difference, but one that gives you the chance to let you express your own sense of style. Experiment with different colours, styles and heels until finding a shoe that enhances your office uniform.

5. Hair

Compliment your office uniform by paying close attention to the way your hair is styled. For a professional look, go for a sleek ponytail or high bun. For a casual and minimalist look, keep hair softly tied or pinned back. Don’t be afraid to add a headscarf for colour, or some pins and clips to keep away any flyaways. Let your hair style convey your personality and position.

6. Dress according to the season

Effortlessly accessorise your office uniform by dressing for all four seasons. Add a statement belt and simplistic jewellery in autumn, keep hair looking breezy and minimalistic in summer, add pinks and pastel colours to your basic makeup routine in spring, and a pair of sheer stockings under your office skirt with a fashionable boot for winter.

7. Does it fit?

It’s important to remember that your corporate shirt, skirt/trousers- is the main element. Paying fine attention to the foundation of your uniform is the only “accessorising” needed. Ensure that your uniform is well-fitted, not faded or creased, and looks professional.

Fiona Anchal,