How uniforms impact your brand

Corporate uniforms

Uniforms help build your brand presence so choose your wardrobe wisely.

A company branded uniform is often a great way to build strong brand presence. Making a right first impression is imperative.

A company-branded uniform is a great way to build strong brand presence. Making the right first impression is imperative.In blind-sighted business world, we would be judged solely on our inherent features: dedication, ingenuity, open-mindedness, strategic thinking and decisiveness (to name a few). When it comes to making an impression in reality, however, usually the first and foremost method of evaluation is less about mentality and more to do with physicality.

Even though your communication style, professional demeanour and amiability play an important role in the selection process, you are also being judged, often quite harshly; on how you look. And when a company puts its staff in front of client can they afford to have their reputation tarnished.

We’ve put some tips together to ensure your staff appearances enhance your brand. These branding tips apply whether your company has a uniform or not. It is especially important to follow these tips if creating a uniform for your team.

Enhancing your brand through appearance

  • Ensure more than one fit is available –a slim fit and a loose fit.
  • With shirting, have more than one sleeve option available. For example short sleeves may not be everyone’s preferred sleeve.
  • Give your team members a choice of colour. Create a uniform that is consistent with your brand and has a few colour ways.
  • Have flexible options, such as a choice of pockets or no pocket on shirts and bottoms to accommodate individual’s needs.
  • Ensure the length of garments can be altered or custom ordered. This is particularly common with trousers and long sleeve shirts.
  • Where possible, give your team members an opportunity to get fitted or try a garment on before ordering. Working off as size guide can be misleading.

The key to success is getting ready

  • Be prepared – think about what you want to achieve, and how you should dress to reflect this.
  • Wash, properly iron and maintain your clothes so they do not have that worn-out look.
  • Be sure that accessories match your outfit, making certain that you are well-groomed, from head to toe.

Look polished and professional

  • Acquire some knowledge of the culture of your industry and the appropriate dress code.
  • You can still put a twist on uniform mentality and fashion your outfit around a non-neutral shade like burnt orange, lilac or emerald green. Pair it with something that is more understated.

Fiona Anchal,