Reinventing retail with Stockland’s S Connect

The retail landscape continues to transform, fuelled by changing consumer behaviours, and businesses adapting by investing in technology and online platforms to deliver a more immersive experience. The lines between home and work have blurred creating a 24/7 retail environment and that presents lots of opportunities for retail businesses.

Shopping has become more than a transaction for consumers. It’s about customers being engaged and entertained. Every step of the way, online or offline. Which means retailers have to rethink both digital and online sales.

At Stockland, we not only understand the importance of keeping pace with retail’s rapid evolution, we strive to be ahead of it. As such, we are deploying a multitude of strategies and programs to optimise our retail business and that of our retail partners – ensuring joint sustainable development.

Connect your digital and physical retail experience

At the beginning of the pandemic, both pureplay and omnichannel retailers reported new customers and existing customers purchasing more and driving online sales. And it seems these purchasing behaviours will stick around.

As online penetration grows, sales growth for bricks and mortar retail should be supported by omnichannel strategies. It’s time to lean into an omnichannel approach and look to deliver a connected personalised and local experience in store and online using the tools S Connect have available to you.

Dive deeper into data

That’s where data comes into play. It’s the fuel to understand, get personal and connect with customers in new ways. Getting a deeper understanding of customers means pinpointing moments that matter and being there along the customer journey.

We have that granular understanding of our customers because we have invested in sophisticated customer analytics and segmentation models to delve into how our customers behave and why. By examining what products they most engage with, how often they come to our centres, how long they stay, and what time of day they come, we can quickly predict what will happen tomorrow. That means we can maximise the customer experience across every touchpoint and interaction.

Stockland S Connect can help retailers stay connected with customers through dynamic and personalised digital campaigns. We can plan a local, regional or national program – whatever exposure you need. We can help you with the right messaging, promises, and targeting to win new customers and ensure brand loyalty.

Bricks and mortar is here to stay

In 2023, the consumer appetite for meaningful, authentic experiences will continue as consumers rethink their priorities and seek more community connections and experience-led interactions. They want quality, diversity, ease-of-shopping, and to be in control of their experience.

They have also come to expect the same personalisation and convenience that was standard practice during the pandemic.

So, retailers must find new ways to meaningfully connect with consumers, focusing on engaging deeply and evolving with consumers’ changing tastes, preferences, and needs.

Make it experience and customer-centric led

It is more important than ever to build real engagement with customers and offer real value. With consumers craving in-person shopping experiences, it’s a great time to think about expanding into a physical space.

S Connect can help your business dive into an experimental pop-up space to connect with our loyal customers face-to-face. We will work with you to create a unique space that will encourage customers to buy into your brand.

Find out more about how S Connect can help you make bold moves to stay ahead of the trends.