Q&A: Sun care inspired by Greece

Appropriately for the summer season, this week we are talking to Michael Stavrou (pictured, centre, with his co-founders Helen Stavrou, left, and Yianna Stavrou, right) a theatrical performer and the entrepreneur behind the suncare brand Mykonian Sun. Inspired by the summers he spent in his native Greece, Michael sought to evoke the feeling of the Mediterranean sunshine while providing a great deal of protection that balance the tanned skin with ingredients that preserve skin identity.

ISB: What makes the Greek sunshine an inspired choice in conceptualising this product?

MS: The sun has been an object of reverence, celebration and myth since the age of Ancient Greece which we still see today. In summer, Greece is blessed with hours and hours of this brilliant light which is what it is known and famous for. When one thinks of the sun in Greece and in particular the Greek Islands, it brings up visual images of beautiful glowing sun-kissed skin, bright sunny days, natural raw beauty, blue skies, whitewashed buildings and pristine beaches. It also evokes feelings of endless summer days, festivities, holidays and freedom. Hence the inspiration behind Mykonian Sun which aims to produce that same sun-kissed glow and evoke all those intoxicating summer emotions.

ISB: In terms of its contents, how does Mykonian Sun stand out from the other sun care products in the market?

MS: Mykonian Sun not only contains a premium quality peptide to enhance a natural golden tan with less time in the sun, but it also contains ingredients that preserve skin integrity and promote collagen such as Hyaluronic Acid, Australian native oils such as Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime and Vitamin E.

ISB: How were you able to achieve the feat of getting Mykonian Sun sold out in just five months from its initial launch?

MS: We invested a lot of time and effort in ensuring that we had a fairly strong campaign in place and a fairly large launch event that ignited significant curiosity and interest in our brand. Through the appropriate marketing at the time, incentives and having just come out of lockdown we sold out within months.

ISB: Being a performer as well, in what ways are you able to showcase your creativity and passion in your business?

MS: Generally speaking, performers creatively work in unique ways. They spend extended periods of time enhancing their skills to bring a performance to life and cultivating a sense of authenticity and aesthetic appeal to their performance. I was able to utilise the same approach when bringing Mykonian Sun to life and showcasing it on the world stage. My creativity enables me to be better at problem solving, knowing how to be more relatable to my consumers, better at engaging with my audience, thinking outside the box and being more adaptable to change.

ISB: How do you envision Mykonian Sun’s growth in the next couple of years?

MS: In the last year I feel we have evolved to a level where the brand has gained some decent credibility. We have been presented with various opportunities that will potentially see us on many shelves in department stores all over the world. We will also continue to expand our brand and revolutionise the suncare industry.

ISB: What would be the most important lesson you’ve learned in your business journey that aspiring entrepreneurs should take to heart?

MS: No matter the challenges or how hard things may get, never stop believing in yourself and your product. Work hard, keep learning, stay humble, be patient, and respect the journey.