Does your package deliver in seven seconds?

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Did you know that it takes the average consumer only seven seconds to decide whether they will purchase your product? After that, they’re moving on. They’re looking at the next product, the next brand and the next big thing…

Whether your focus is in-store or online, a custom-branded package can help your brand and products stand out. Your products also become quickly and easily recognisable, creating an emotional connection to your brand.

It’s a common misconception that custom, branded packaging is expensive and not viable for small or emerging business owners. Consider these tips when exploring custom packaging options:

  1. Is your box branded?
    Your logo personifies your brand on every package through colour, style and aesthetics. Adding your logo gives your product instant brand recognition.
  2. Is the packaging weight and style premium quality?
    One study shows 52 per cent of online customers will re-purchase if their delivery arrives in premium packaging. Defining premium packaging will differ for every brand and every product. In most cases, the weight of the packaging materials, colour and feel are key indicators.
    With recent lockdowns in much of the country, online sales have been key and that means, how your brand arrives can make the difference between a one-off purchase or repeat custom. For example, if you are selling $99 shirts it’s certain that your customer will appreciate a nicely packaged, premium light-weighted box.
    On the other hand, if you are packaging fresh produce, you will need to think about packaging that is the right weight and made from the right materials to keep your produce as fresh as possible. Or if you have smaller products like spare parts for motor vehicles or optics – ensure your packaging is the right size and shape to deliver safely and securely.
  3. Does it convey your brand story with text or pictures?
    A box is never just a box. The size, strength and structure of your box is a blank canvas to tell your brand story. You don’t have to re-invent the box, rather, use your box and packaging to reinforce and reiterate your brand message – keep it consistent, use messages that you have expressed in your advertising, marketing and social media.
  4. Is it Eco Friendly?
    A study by The Guardian found that 70 per cent of consumers think highly of brands who use sustainable packaging. Equally as important as sourcing from sustainable suppliers, using eco-friendly materials and working with local suppliers is staying up to date on innovations. Packaging that is eco-friendly is reusable and sustainable. For example, a package that delivers delight may be re-used in and around the home. If your package is re-used, not only does it double up as a storage box, book holder or condiment carrier; it stays with the consumer longer – and so does your brand. A US study found that 74 per cent of consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging and this trend is only set to increase.

Creating your own custom box doesn’t have to cost time and more money than you can afford. An online innovation that allows everyone to design, create and order customised packages online.

Designing your own packaging online gives business owners creative control, choices, options to order with no minimum quantity and final delivery within 10-12 days. For small and emerging businesses this means fulfilling orders on time and having access to customised packaging that is affordably branded to tell their story and deliver a delightful unboxing experience.