Start-ups join accelerator program to tackle climate change

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Six start-ups have been chosen to take part in EnergyLab’s new Climate Solutions Accelerator, a six-month accelerator program that will provide them with the opportunity to accelerate the development of their respective climate change solutions that will be introduced in Australia and overseas as well.

The six start-ups are:

  • Circle Harvest – creates food more food from fewer resources by harvesting crickets that have the properties of a Superfood.
  • Infravision – deploys unmanned aircraft systems for power line construction.
  • Hygrid Energy – manages renewable energy and battery storage assets via control technology described as an “engineer in a box”.
  • Bloom Impact Investing – a FinTech start-up aiming to make Climate Impact Investing easy and accessible for Australians.
  • Carbon Asset Solutions – supplies precision soil-based Carbon Credits to global markets faster and more cost effectively.
  • Harvest Thermal – delivers clean heating and hot water for homes by using an ultra-high efficiency heat pump at the time of day when electricity is cheapest combined with thermal storage.

The chosen start-ups will receive a combined investment of nearly half a million dollars and will be provided the support they need in the development of their climate change solutions. That support will include coaching, industry partnerships, and assistance in raising further capital to expedite their growth in Australia and overseas.

Chair of EnergyLab, Piers Grove, said that he is continually impressed by the ingenuity of the founders pursuing climate tech businesses and, with half of the start-up chosen being female-led, there are signs that the start-up ecosystem is attracting more women than in previous years.

“What we’ve seen over the years at EnergyLab is truly inspiring and demonstrates the talent and desire here in Australia for creating world-leading innovations,” Grove said. “This program ensures that start-ups with world-class teams, products and vision get the support they need to take their solutions to a global market.”