Life. Business – book review

Life. Business: Just got easierLife Business Just Got Easier

Brad Burton, Capstone/Wiley

This little book cuts to the chase on entrepreneurship.

Get your mind right and you’ll get your business right, says Manchester, UK–born Brad Burton, who has been skint many times. He distils the wisdom of the greatest thinkers into colourful, no-nonsense advice on everything from attitude to business plans – ‘a loose plan twinned with an outrageous goal’ – to time management, with the litany of simplify simplify simplify.

Don’t confuse bad decisions with bad luck.

Don’t confuse bad decisions with bad luck, he says.

As founder of networking group 4Networking Limited, he’ll make sure every activity his team undertakes is likely to increase membership, groups, attendance, morale and/or fun. Flip that to your business and every minute should be spent in moving you forward in sales, reputation, morale and momentum.

Jackey Coyle, Inside Small Business