Wellness trends reveal consumers prioritise health and fitness

The latest wellness trends are showing consumers are keen to spend on their mental and physical wellbeing.
A global report Amex Trendex: Consumers Prioritizing Wellness and Mental Health with their Time, Money and Travel Plans reveals a shift in focus around the world, with lockdown-weary consumers choosing to spend time and money on exploring nature, relaxation and exercise.

In Australia 47 per cent of respondents are spending more than they have in previous years on wellness items, with natural vitamins and supplements (39 per cent), in-home fitness equipment (31 per cent), and organic food (30 per cent) ranked as the top three item. And the trend will continue, with those three categories the big focus for future spending.

However, the consumers surveyed across the seven countries (Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the US) are also planning to invest on travel as a means of boosting their wellbeing with 88 per cent admitting it is good for their mental health.

In Australia 54 per cent of those surveyed want to spend time outdoors on holiday, and 55 per cent say they would be willing to pay extra for wellness activities on future trips.

COVID restrictions have shifted consumers’ mindsets and there’s a focus on looking after ourselves, the survey reveals.
While in the UK respondents were most likely to find sleep and walking the best wellness and travel activities, in Australia mental breaks during the day, and exploring the outdoors, were cited most.

The majority of adults surveyed (78 per cent) agreed they are working on more goals tied to health and wellness than in previous years with more than two-thirds (70 per cent) planning to try out a new fitness or wellness activity to improve their well-being.

From the sauna and float tank at City Cave to StretchLab’s flexibility focus, from wholefoods retailer The Source to EliteSupps supplement stores, from tourist destinations such as the Big4 campsites or travel planning with Helloworld, there are plenty of ways to tap into the wellbeing trend.

The Amex Trendex online poll was conducted by Morning Consult between September 9-15, 2021 with 3,000 respondents across Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the US. Respondents had a household income of at least US$70,000 and traveled by air at least once in 2019.

This story first appeared on our sister publication Inside Franchise Business