SME owners, know the signs of imposter syndrome and how to crush it!

The biggest fear for business owners is what is called imposter syndrome. Impostor syndrome refers to the concept of an individual doubting their accomplishments and believing they are a fraud. This belief usually occurs even when logical evidence would show that they’ve earned their success through hard work and have the track.

Impostor syndrome refers to the concept of an individual doubting their accomplishments and believing.

Judgment by experienced business owners or friends

It’s essential to understand imposter syndrome so you can prevent it from happening. Fear of judgement by others, fear of failing, and fear of being discovered as an impostor are some examples of what is behind imposter syndrome.
Expectations placed on your business are the real reason you fear judgement from others. If people expect you to be perfect, what’s stopping them from expecting the same of your products or services?
It is possible expectations set you up for failure, even though it might just be in your head.
Every time you don’t meet a certain standard or expectation, you’re adding fuel to the fire by saying, “See? I knew I was going to fail”.
In contrast, when you work hard for achievement and get it done well, that builds your confidence, making it harder for imposter syndrome to set in.

Imposter syndrome is inevitable, so you need to learn how to deal with it.
Some ways of doing this include:

  • Share your work and ideas with others who will give you helpful feedback
  • Continuously promoting your business allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t.

How to crush it

The best way to work through imposter syndrome is by accepting that your business will never be perfect. Perfection isn’t the key to success; you also need to assume that doing things well and learning from failure are equally important parts of business success.
If you’re learning and growing, you’re doing the best you can. And that’s what counts.

  • Open yourself up to helpful feedback
  • Ask for opportunities instead of waiting to be discovered
  • Don’t focus on workaholism

Reach out and talk about how you’re feeling

The worst thing you can do when feeling fear of judgement by others keeps it all in. Fear feeds on itself.
Reaching out to friends or family members to have an open conversation might be one way of relieving yourself of this burden.
Talking with a coach in you might also be an excellent way to relieve yourself of the fear that you’re going to fail.

You need to know that imposter syndrome is only one part of having a successful business. To succeed, you must learn from failure and keep on working hard.


First things first, you must be aware that you might have imposter syndrome.

It sneaky bugger that can hit when it wants and doesn’t leave without havoc on your life in the form of low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

Know that no one is born a business success. Every person who has ever been successful had to take baby steps before accomplishing their dreams. Hard work and time are all it takes before truly understanding how to be a successful business owner.

Remember to crush imposter syndrome by staying on the path of facing challenges head-on and pushing through them one step at a time.

Other than that, keep surrounding yourself with those who believe in you, and your journey will be a success!