Amazon commissions Indigenous artwork for local delivery boxes

Amazon Australia has authorised Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta) artist Mandi Barton to create a limited-edition Amazon box featuring Indigenous artwork in honour of NAIDOC Week.

The packaging artwork, Tales of Platypus (Berranga), will be given to more than 30,000 Amazon Australia customers until mid-July as part of Amazon Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan, which aims to “recognise, integrate, and celebrate” Indigenous cultures.

“The special qualities of the platypus, which once inhabited the Koroit Creek next to the Ravenhall fulfilment centre, include independence, creativity, adaptability, and flexibility,” Barton said.

“It also signifies yapaneyput (unity) and connection, having many relationships, collaborating, and engaging with many different parties. The mural and artwork is my visual story of how I view Amazon’s essence and connection to this country.”

Kelly Godschlax, procurement manager at Amazon Australia, led the initiative after being inspired by Amazon Australia’s #MoreThanABox Christmas initiative last year, along with Barton’s mural at the online retailer’s Melbourne fulfilment centre. Godschlax envisioned a limited-edition box commemorating Australia’s rich First Nations history, which would be distributed to tens of thousands of Australians.

“My half-brother is a proud Indigenous Australian and through this initiative, I hope to celebrate him and his family, while encouraging people across the country to acknowledge, learn and celebrate First Nations culture,” Godschlax said.

Customers can scan a QR code on each box to learn more about the meaning of the artwork, Barton’s mural and Godschlax’s inspiration, along with the story behind the box.

This story first appeared on our sister publication Internet Retailing