New app revolutionises art of gift giving

The new Bonzar app was created to allow users to buy and send gifts to others only with their email address without disclosing other personal information

A game-changing new app is revolutionising the art of gift giving by enabling people to send gifts with nothing but an email address. The Bonzar app allows users to browse, buy and send thoughtful, beautifully wrapped gifts to anyone, anywhere in Australia without providing a private mailing address.

Co-founder and director of Bonzar, Chris Henry, says the idea came about through online gaming. ‘Our online gaming group would often spend countless hours playing games, talking about life, work and getting to know each other,’ he said.

‘When our friends’ son passed away, our community was bereft for him and his family and wanted to express our condolences and well-wishes to our online friend.’

‘We wanted to be able to let their family know they were being thought of, but we couldn’t without disclosure of their personal information.’

Mr Henry says the Bonzar app was created in such a way as for people participating in online gaming, online dating, online support groups or other social media to be able to send gifts to connections safely.

‘The recipient doesn’t need to disclose their personal information to receive well-wishes from a gift sender, so they can maintain a safe online presence while being able to interact with each other on a more personal basis,’ he says.

‘We have a patent-pending solution that requires only the email address of the person they are sending products to, eliminating privacy concerns as the receiver’s personal details are protected and withheld from the gift sender.

Mr Henry says the receiver is made aware of the sender’s identity and intention and choose whether or not to accept the gift. ‘It’s fast and hassle free, as the recipient controls the delivery. It’s gift giving made easier!’

Bonzar is free to download from the iTunes app store and currently available to users of iPhone 5 and 6 in Australia.