Head into 2022 ready to succeed with these three simple strategies

2022, new year

The end of the year can be full of mixed emotions for business owners, it is a time for reflection. Have I achieved what I wanted to achieve? Did I do my best? Where did that year disappear? Can I do this all again?

These and others are all normal questions we ask before panic begins to set in “I’m not ready for the New Year”. I have put together three business strategies that will help you step over the 2021/2022 timeline.


There are two types of mindsets, growth or fixed, what type you are?

To improve, you need a growth mindset – without this you can be stuck, doing the same thing, expecting a different result. Having a growth mindset and a belief in yourself and your business will give you more chances of achieving your desired outcome.

Be aware of how you speak to yourself, praise yourself often, have a can-do attitude and always be positive. Every time you say something negative, stop right there and change your thoughts and consider how you could have said it differently.

Concentrate on the future, the past is now the past, think about what is ahead.


Begin the new year with your goals in place, without a destination how will you know where you are heading. Think about what and where you want to be next year.

S.M.A.R.T. goals have been a part of the business world for a long time because they work, here is a quick breakdown.

  1. Specific – Write down you goal, be specific on the result you are aiming for.
  2. Measurable – Have ways to see how you are tracking along the way, is there data you can use.
  3. Achievable – You want to make sure that it stretches you, and you must believe it is possible.
  4. Relevant – Make sure it is in alignment with who you are and what your business is about.
  5. Time Bound – Give yourself a period, so you do not procrastinate along the way.

It is helpful to share your goals with someone who encourages you to achieve them, as well as celebrating with you.


Take the time to tidy up loose ends. Are there unfinished jobs, needing your attention so you can leave them behind in 2021? By doing this you hit 2022 with a fresh slate, without something holding you back.

Take a quick assessment of your current staff levels, how your team are working together, are they motivated, do you need to solve any issues or conflicts that may be hovering. Make the effort now so your staff also go into the new year with a positive mindset.

Do you need a bit of a cleanout? You could start by throwing away any paperwork no longer required by the ATO. Have you got stock or promotional gear you no longer need taking up space it does not need to?

Check your up to date with all your legal requirements, pay any outstanding accounts (if possible) and do a review of your wage schedules in case you have missed something over the year.

If you can master these three strategies, you will be on the front foot and can make 2022 your year!!