15 reasons a payroll and rostering system will benefit your business

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After working with many small businesses, I am surprised how many do not have a rostering and/or payroll system.

When I owned two franchises, rostering was something that took so much of my time. At peak, I had 80 staff and keeping up with their availabilities was a nightmare. It would take one day to do the rosters, then days to do the Easter and Christmas rosters.

I decided to look at a rostering system, I found one which worked well for my staff and managed to save me one day per week, instantly I could do in one hour, and eventually, I managed to complete in twenty minutes.

Years later, I decided I should look at a payroll and rostering system, to save me even more time. However, I got caught up in the whirlwind of business and always put it in the “too hard, I will get to that later basket”. What a mistake that was!

Fast forward to now and I am looking for the best way for my clients to run their business. I cannot put it on hold any longer, so I have been researching payroll and rostering systems. I am blown away!

I have listed 15 reasons how they will benefit your business:

  1. They are cheap if you compare the time you save and your own hourly rate, and what you can do with your extra time.
  2. All leave requests will be controlled for you, including accruals, balances, and entitlements.
  3. Notification of staff birthdays, surprising how many payroll packages do not have this.
  4. They can link to your award or agreements, so you never have to worry about missing updates.
  5. Can provide costed rosters and do reports of previous weeks so you can compare before sending roster, helping keep wages in the right percentages.
  6. They can link directly to your Super account, saving you another job.
  7. Can link with POS systems, tablets, and phone apps which makes it convenient for your staff.
  8. Shift swapping and shift bidding can take place, meaning you don’t have to spend time covering the changes.
  9. Assign qualifications to individual staff, setting preferred employees for shifts that need specific skills..
  10. Notifications direct to your staff via email or SMS.
  11. Weather forecasting for businesses that this affects, e.g., chocolate, ice cream and ski resorts.
  12. Employees can onboard themselves.
  13. Payslips are linked to the roster so fewer queries.
  14. Clock in and out photo recognition, stopping others clocking in for someone (it happens).
  15. You just have to approve their timesheets, press the button and payroll is done for you.

There is much more, I am still doing my research. I am going to work out which one is best for my clients, then help them implement.

I am not sharing this for any personal benefit, I am not affiliated with these companies, I just see how much difference this is going to make. I honestly believe I have wasted months of my life by putting this off and I don’t want others to go through that, too.

I will report in a follow-up article how much my client’s life has changed because of this.