Why do my products need trusted barcodes?

When taking a product to market, one of the first things a retailer or online marketplace will ask for is a barcode and what the number, or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), of that barcode is. This is used as the reference for sales and distribution through their networks worldwide.

When looking to obtain a barcode for your products, there is only one decision, do I buy cheap ones online from a reseller, or do I go directly to the authorised source? The answer is simple! If you want to identify your products and assets accurately, uniquely then you should only go to GS1, the only official provider of GS1 GTINs and EAN/UPC barcodes globally. GS1 introduced the system to the world in 1973, providing unique and authentic barcodes described by the BBC as “one of the 50 things that made the modern economy”.

In addition to the guarantee of global uniqueness, your company and product details will be entered into a global registry used by major retailers to verify the authenticity of the supplier. No other barcode provider offers this.

Having a unique number is critical. GS1 has received many calls over the years from brand owners and manufacturers who have had their products rejected by retailers because they thought they could save money by buying cheap barcodes, only to find that someone else was already using it on another product. This situation not only creates confusion in the market but also significantly interferes with online searchability for that product. Their product was rejected by the retailer and they incurred the significant cost of repackaging or relabelling all of their stock. In hindsight, it was a false economy buying a cheap barcode as it resulted in additional costs to rectify the ripple effect of issues.

When you buy a barcode from GS1, you’re not just buying a barcode, you’re becoming part of a membership organisation and gaining access to a genuine numbering system. GS1 provides ongoing support on how to generate your numbers, apply the barcodes to your products and share product information with your trading partners. Not to mention member rates on a range of other services all focused on getting your product onto the shelf or online and noticed by consumers to drive sales.

As a member, you are entitled to:

  • A complimentary barcode basics education and training session.
  • A complimentary barcode verification report.
  • Access to industry events and workgroups.
  • Informative industry specific newsletters.
  • Access to industry endorsed services to help you get your product to market and meet compliance.
  • Customer and service support via email and phone.
  • Invitations to networking events.

So, the answer is clear – to invest in your business you need to trust in the source of your numbers. The numbers you will use to track and trace your products through the entire supply chain. GS1 won’t just give you a barcode and leave you to piece the puzzle together, we support you and teach you how to get the most out of your numbers to ensure you can identify, capture and share accurate product information.

Join today or if you want to learn more contact us on 1300 BARCODE or www.gs1au.org