How much does recruitment advertising really cost you?

Saxon Marsden-Huggins Recruit Shop

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to deciding whether to use a recruitment company or whether to recruit using in-house methods. There are dozens of different costs throughout the hiring process, all of which can add up. One example is the cost to advertise your role, which – if done incorrectly – can get very pricey. Remember these three tips next time you spend money on your recruitment campaign.

1.Don’t just post to mainstream job boards

Where you market your vacancy has a big effect on the quality of responses you receive. While you may default to posting on mainstream job boards automatically. Think about your role and where your candidates are actually looking. Too many people waste money in recruitment advertising on job boards they’ve heard of because they’re well-known, not because they’ve looked into the candidate traffic or quality. Try investigating niche job boards, some may be more costly than your mainstream sites but if your target audience is there it’s a much better use of your money.

2.Remember the time it takes for an employee to manage your posting

A well-managed recruitment campaign means you’re constantly checking on the candidate quality. These days you can’t wait till the end of your allocated advertising month to review your candidates – you need to do that as you go. If you think you can’t afford to have a staff member check the campaign each week – think about how much it will cost, you if you get to the end of the month and your preferred candidates have already been snapped up by employers who had their finger on the pulse…

3.Check your stats

Think about how much you might be wasting in recruitment advertising if your ads aren’t bringing in the right candidates. If you don’t do a report at the end of each campaign to track which job boards yielded the best results, you’ll never know if your advertising dollars are going to the right place. Ask your candidates where they saw your job ad and compare them month to month to avoid making more advertising decisions.

Saxon Marsden-Huggins, Managing Director, Recruit Shop