The pandemic imperative: the need for greater investment in onshore manufacturing

Australia has been too dependent on offshore manufacturing for many of the goods needed to fuel the economy, which the pandemic exposed as a flawed po…

How SMEs can use TikTok to build their business

Despite the controversy it has garnered recently, TikTok can be a powerful tool for small businesses, especially in reaching a younger demographic.

Healthy you, healthy small business

Taking care of yourself is a proactive way to contribute to your positive mental health, and leads to better resilience in running your business.

extreme weather

New tech to help combat bushfires

Three Queensland companies have collaborated to develop an innovative technology to detect, report, and combat bushfires within minutes of them starti…


Underpreparedness of ANZ businesses for COVID-19 highlighted in new report

New research reveals few ANZ businesses had they type of flexible, digitally-enabled workforce to ensure business continuity when the pandemic struck.…

Q&A: A dazzling solution to the problem of plastics

Kim Gould is striving to get consumers to help in the war against plastics by using tablets that mean cleaning bottles can be reused over and over aga…

Packaging up a sustainable future

Jo Howarth spent almost two years researching and sourcing the globe before discovering the thermal properties of wool for insulative packaging in the…

video interviews

The pivot to video that is powering small businesses

Small businesses are recognising the power of video for everything from live events to marketing, customer engagement and communications.

payment code

Payment times improve in December, but lag over 2020

The Payment Times Report Act aims to address the issue of delayed payments impacting the cashflow and financial buoyancy of smaller suppliers.

expense management

How to work with your accountant to get the best results

If your profits are looking poor, there’s no need to feel ashamed, your accountant is there to work with whatever you bring into the meeting room.

Sharing the simple joy of gardening

The Vegepod gardening business is involved with the Grow Your Food movement, an initiative that has now become a global phenomenon.

Just send them a text: leveraging SMS for business

Effective SMS communications facilitate higher customer engagement and conversion with an average response rate of 30 per cent.

growth fund

Access to capital crucial to small-business survival: ASBFEO

“A revenue-contingent loan scheme would give small businesses the confidence they need to seek funding, so they can survive and employ again.”

UberEats riders protest unsafe, unfair working conditions at parliament

UberEats drivers are agitating for change after the TWU released data suggesting delivery drivers were paid half the minimum wage.

hackers, email security, remote

Why remote working creates security headaches for SMEs

Short, snappy, visually engaging and entertaining learning modules are they key to getting employees to be cyber-aware when remote working.

How to successfully set up and run a business with multiple founders

There are both benefits and challenges when your business has two or more founders, so it’s important to establish each of their roles early on.


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