Q&A: Artisan jewellery with a purpose

“My desire to produce ethical luxury jewellery meant that I needed to find a reliable source of not only ethical gold but diamonds and precious gems, …

instagram, social media

Show me proof

More and more small businesses are recognising the power of Instagram and the part it can play in their marketing strategy.

delivery investment, delivery managmeent

Five reasons to consider an integrated mailing and parcel sending solution

Research by Pitney Bowes shows the parcel shipping market continues to grow steadily, with Australian volume reaching 864 million in 2018.


Index highlights change in the commercial lending market

Major banks are facing a challenge from non-banks, fintechs and neo banks, who are gaining loan market share due to their nimbleness and innovation.


Six Christmas marketing tips for your business

Research is key to any campaign – look at your results from last year’s Christmas marketing and identify what worked and what didn’t.

Bernadette Schwerdt

What a pitch!

Pitching is the art of communicating what you do, why you’re different and why people should do business with you – and a way to generate new busine…

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Dealing with mental health issues in the workplace

Today’s mental health crisis means SME owners have to be aware of their obligations to provide a safe and positive working environment.

Australian Made

New partnership to support to Aussie manufacturers

“Aussie manufacturers produce innovative products to some of the highest quality standards in the world, which makes them ideal for gifting year-rou…


Fair Work audits Top Juice outlets

The audits are in response to anonymous reports from Top Juice employees that indicated the outlets may be breaching the Fair Work Act.

Asian expansion

SMBs look to lucrative Far East opportunities

Australia and Hong Kong have signed a free trade and investment agreement, which sees all tariffs on goods originating between the two eliminated.


Traditional cybersecurity no match for modern ransomware

A coordinated approach is the key to combating savvy cybercriminals who are now investing their time in devising strategic, identified ransomware atta…

Top tips for small businesses wanting to crack the overseas market

Finding the right partners, a point of difference for your product and being aware of cultural differences are all key to breaking into the overseas m…

retailers fraud

Why penalising retailers won’t help fight fraud

The new credit fraud regulations fail to recognise the costs retailers incur combating fraud, costs often greater greater than the fraud itself.

How to tell when your business is suitable for franchising

Small businesses urged to give feedback on franchising sector

The Parliamentary Joint Committee report, Fairness in Franchising, highlighted a systemic lack of transparency and accountability in franchising.

Drought plan backlash over water and small-business loans

The Morrison government is facing questions over two key elements of its drought plan – a revamped loan scheme and making water available to grow fo…

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Never be lonely in business again

Business can be a lonely place, especially if you’re the one sitting at the top, and it’s important to know that you don’t have to face things alo…