Trick or treat your way to Halloween sales

Halloween is here! Time to get your freaky on and pull out all the stops when it comes to getting your products out in front of potential customers.

An expected $8.4 billion dollars will be spent in the US this year on Halloween festivities, products, garb, and food – which is actually up by a whopping $1.5 billion over last year. There are 171 million Americans out there dumping money into this fun little holiday… And that money is going towards four main categories that make up the spend: Costumes ($3.1 billion), candy ($2.5 billion), decorations ($2.4 billion), and greeting cards ($390 million).

Looking to inspire your customers? You might want to turn your sites over to Pinterest (the very under-the-radar social network that most people seem to overlook these days). 27 million Pinterest users shared Halloween content in the US last year, adding up to more than 273 million pins – with tons of DIY projects and ideas, it’s a great way to feature your products in a new and unexpected light.

However you plan on spending your evening, Trick or Treating yourself or ding-dong-ditching, this infographic by The Shelf will breakdown some tips and tricks to catch all kinds of consumers, both the living ones and the walking dead.

Sabrina Fenster,