Tradies optimistic but need more economic support and new technology solutions

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Optus Business’s 2022 State of Tradies survey reveals that 88 per cent of tradies are optimistic about their outlook for the rest of 2022, citing fewer COVID-19 challenges delaying their return to work and overall increased job satisfaction.

The report, which was commissioned in collaboration with YouGov, comes as the Federal Budget for 2022-2023 announced additional economic and digital technologies support to small businesses that are undergoing growth challenges.

The research echoed those challenges, with many of the 513 tradies surveyed expressing concerns about the rising cost of fuel, not being paid enough, as well as a poor work/life balance.

In addition, an overwhelming 91 per cent of respondents saw mobile connectivity as a priority, with tradies adding that technology innovations such as apps and phone software to enable business transactions, portable office solutions and digital payment solutions would help do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

“It’s promising to see that tradies are overall feeling quite positive about 2022, considering that the past two years have been filled with lockdowns and natural disasters,” Libby Roy, Optus Managing Director of Business, said. “However, we can’t ignore the fact that many tradies and small-business owners continue to struggle. Priority should be put on helping tradies and business owners balance their work and personal lives, as well as navigate the current economic situation that has created unique challenges.”

Co-owner of Lanewoods Roofing in Newcastle, NSW, Brayden Lane pointed out that workers in the construction industry are under pressure, with many struggling to stay connected to their community or simply struggling to have some downtime after work.

“What most of us need is to have extra time to focus on ourselves, do what we love and spend quality time with friends and family,” Lane said. “Being able to access reliable connectivity and innovative technology solutions means we can ultimately be more efficient at work, so that we can spend more time connecting with our community.”

The report highlighted that tradies and small-business owners in the construction industry are vital to the Australian economy, and it is essential they have access to the economic support and technology tools they need to stay optimistic and address work and life challenges that might come their way.