Finding success in contractor management

contractor management

Succeeding in business has always been a hard road to hoe – it’s the challenges of maximising opportunity and the ability to calculate risk which helps determine a business’s performance. Market opportunity, a unique offering and not copying the competition is what creates success.

Many businesses offer many things, what you walk into invariably helps shape attitudes and performance. At LinkSafe, I was fortunate the company had many trusted prospects and when I started, this allowed me to reach out engage and discuss strategies to improve existing processes.

The experience of managing contractors drove a program where simplicity underpinned an expansion of the business and its technology platform – and this is resonating both with clients and contractors.

Creating change within a business sometimes brings with it apprehension – it’s the fear of the unknown and what lies ahead that makes people uncomfortable. Managing that fear means communicating the need and reassuring the positives change will deliver.

Controlling finances that benefit the business and not disadvantage it, is critical. Knowing when to spend and determining what is vital to help the business prosper, means developing acute judgement. Being frugal for frugal sake, creates more damage than it intends – and the adage “you need to spend money to make money” holds true especially in business.

Money shouldn’t just be thrown up buying elements, its needs to be appropriately resourced using a considered strategic judgement wherever it is integral to the business’s operational needs, while adding value to clients and delivering a return on investment. It’s that philosophy that will see a business benefit significantly from the policy it pursues.

No business can ever survive the challenges of success if its workplace is destructive. Progressive work environments, where the master-servant rule is eliminated for equality and team, means respect is engendered and productivity enhanced. We are proactively committed to developing a fun and dynamic environment where the right culture prospers, appealing to everyone who works there or does business with it.

Hierarchical structures in a work environment do nothing to add to developing confidence and creativity of employees. Implementing a flat structured work environment does. Flat structured workplaces reinforce the notion of equality where each employee is valued and recognised. By adopting a flat structure approach we have quickly come to appreciate the increased level of engagement we received from our staff.

Confidence is an important attitude to have regardless of what people do, by creating it and nurturing it at LinkSafe, it opened and improved the lines of communication between management and staff.

Our proactive approach to good culture and a positive workplace manifests an environment where staff feel comfortable providing different points of view and openly challenging each other while respecting our objective of being a thriving successful business and delivering a “best of breed” contractor management platform.

Building good strong partnerships with like-minded businesses is part of the success of any business, and LinkSafe, consistently works to establish relationships that are mutually beneficial. It’s what has allowed us to become a trusted, go-to partner, and through our open forum discussions, the business learnt to grow, develop, and become bigger and better.

We have never lost sight of our core values and why it exists – getting ahead of ourselves is not part of our culture.