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What to do when you have to promote your small business through public speaking

Before stepping onto the stage or in front of an audience, take the time to put pen to paper and clearly define the key ...
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Thriving remotely: a small-business guide to overcoming remote work challenges

To succeed in this digital-first environment, businesses need to address the risks of remote work and adopt best practic...

Mastering the art of dealing with difficult people in your small business

In negotiation you need to shift the energy so it's not 'me versus you' but rather 'the two of us sitting side-by-side'.
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Workers struggling with heavy workload, lack of clarity, and digital exhaustion

There is universal agreement that organisations need to do a better job innovating how employees communicate and collabo...
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How SMEs can elevate their customer experience in the digital age

Utilise technology to create a seamless experience across multiple channels, such as email, live chat, social media, and...

Releasing the pressures of thought leadership 

Hold your nerve and don’t get swayed by the social media push and noise to be something you are not in the grind hustle ...

Secrets of brand-saving PR

Integrity is everything when it comes to public perception, so it’s up to you to maintain your brand’s reputation no mat...

Five steps to building a strong, adaptable brand

Ensure that your employees know the brand values and messaging so that they have the tools to stay consistent.

The ‘silent majority’ have a beef with brands

Analysing the survey responses, Customology concluded that customers are not always treated as well as they should be by...
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Nervous about making a sales call? How to eliminate resistance by doing nothing

A poll conducted recently indicated that 61 per cent reported they found making sales calls the most stressful part of t...