How small-business owners can identify a gap in the market to grow their brand

market gap

My lightbulb moment came over lunch with friends. I was seven months pregnant and had to settle for ordering sparkling water due to a lack of non-alcoholic options, whilst my friends all enjoyed a spritz! It was at this very moment that the seed for Yes You Can drinks was born.

Launched in October, our initial success has been down to a few key elements, namely identifying a gap in the market early on that would allow us to grow our brand and tap into an engaged audience. Here I share my key tips for others looking to tap into a gap and launch a successful small business.

Capitalise on your a-ha moment

It was during mine that I realised there weren’t any non-alcoholic beverage options available for me that would nurture social inclusivity and satisfy my cravings. During my years of studying psychology, I have learned that humans are tribal beings. We crave connection and belonging and for me (and many others!) having an alcoholic drink in hand has always given me that positive association. It was during this moment that I realised I needed to create a product that would both satisfy my cravings, and that I would enjoy drinking in social settings alongside friends and family. My a-ha moment led to my partner and I beginning the process of refining recipes and flavours alongside world class mixologists. I’d encourage anyone who experiences their lightbulb moment to jump on it straight away. The chances are, if you’re searching for a product, there’s lots of others out there who are too!

Tap into your customer psyche

When pregnant and breastfeeding, I very much felt I was missing out on social occasions due to the lack of non-alcoholic drinks options available. This also extended to when I was cutting back due to health and lifestyle reasons. With many Aussies trying to reduce their overall alcohol consumption for a variety of reasons, the rise of consumers looking for non-alcoholic options has never been higher. Being able to put myself in the position (and mindframe) of our customer has been hugely beneficial in growing our brand. I am our customer, which allows me a unique insight into what they are looking for from a product. To really grow your small business idea, be sure to identify your customer and what they’re looking for in a product in order to be able to market successfully to them.

Create a product you’d buy

I have always loved the taste of a bittersweet spritz, a sharp gingery dark and stormy and a fresh, dry G&T. When building Yes You Can drinks, we set about creating this exact range of complex and crafted flavours, without the alcohol. My top tip for those looking to find a niche in the market is to create a product that you are searching for. If you can’t find it, it’s a clear sign that others out there will be searching for it too; your customer base!