Aussies urged to look for locally-grown Valentine’s Day flowers

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, has stressed that shopping local has never been as important as it is now, and is urged Australians to buy locally-grown flowers today.

“This Valentine’s Day it is important to seek out Australian-grown flowers for an abundance of reasons,” Lazzaro said. “Not only does our clean, green, Aussie environment work to produce some of the world’s most beautiful flowers, but we know that these purchases will positively impact the livelihoods of Aussie farmers. Purchasing locally grown flowers supports local business, local people and the local community – really it’s a no-brainer, this Valentine’s Day and all year round.”

Lazzaro pointed out the benefits of Australian-grown flowers compared to imported ones, highlighting the fact they only have to travel a short distance from the farm to florist, improving the freshness and shelf life of Valentine’s Day bouquets.

“It’s not uncommon for many consumers to be unaware of where their flowers are grown, as country of origin labelling is not mandated within Australia’s flower industry,” Lazzaro said. “This makes it even more important for consumers to seek out the iconic green and gold kangaroo logo when shopping this Valentine’s Day, as the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo ensures you’re supporting local farmers and the local economy.”

Guy de Kok, West Australian flower grower and managing director of wholesale flower supplier Floraco, said that while the past few years have been tough, the reinvigorated focus on supporting local businesses is a boon.

“While times have proved to be difficult, it is so encouraging to see Aussies wanting to support local farmers like myself, through buying Australian-grown flowers for their loved ones,” de Kok said.

Recent research from Roy Morgan reveals that three in five Australian Made licensees are reporting that customers are actively seeking, requesting, or buying more Australian Made and Grown Products, or enquiring about the country of origin of products.