10 strategies to elevate sales during the holidays

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As the festive season draws near, small businesses are gearing up for the busy end-of-year rush. In these final days leading up to Christmas, it’s time to seize every opportunity. To ensure your store is ready for the bustling holiday season, here are ten easy-to-implement strategies designed to boost your sales and enhance the customer experience

  1. Deck the halls (and windows)
    Deck out your store with holiday cheer. Transform your storefront and windows to captivate last-minute shoppers, luring them inside for those final, festive purchases.
  2. Stock up on last-minute bestsellers and seasonal items
    Take a look at the latest trends and crunch the numbers on recent sales data to stock up on popular items and festive products. Ensure your shelves are full with inventory to meet the surge in demand during these final weeks.
  3. Ensure your staffing levels are optimised
    Review your staffing levels and sales from 2022, and ensure you have enough hands on deck to navigate the last-minute shopping frenzy. A well-trained and friendly team can make a significant difference in managing the holiday rush effectively or check out sites like Airtasker if you’re on the hunt for temporary staffing support.
  4. Implement a loyalty program
    Encourage repeat business by implementing a loyalty program. Tempt your customers who are making purchases in these final weeks with exclusive discounts or rewards, fostering advocacy and enticing them to return after the holiday period has ended.
  5. Reduce the customer queue by implementing a floating checkout
    Expedite the checkout process (or better manage the unexpected rush) by implementing a floating point-of-sale. New payment solutions like Tap to Pay with Zeller App will enable your staff to instantly set up a payment terminal from their smartphone — reducing queue wait times by removing the bottleneck and the traditional point-of-sale at checkout.
  6. Extend store hours
    Consider extending your store hours to cater to the schedules of busy holiday shoppers. Late-night shopping events or early morning openings can attract more customers looking to make last-minute purchases.
  7. Offer express gift-wrapping services
    Provide convenience for your customers by offering an express gift-wrapping service. This time-saving feature can make your store a go-to destination for those scrambling to check off their gift lists.
  8. Promote online and in-store sales
    Leverage your physical store and online presence as much as possible. Promote last-minute in-store discounts and exclusive online offers to capture the attention of a broader audience in the final countdown. Just remember to notify customers of your “final shipping deadline” for online orders placed — keeping in mind that postage services are notorious for delays in the last 4 weeks in the lead-up to Christmas.
  9. Create a social media countdown
    Build excitement on social media platforms with a daily countdown to Christmas. Share daily promotions, and last-minute behind-the-scenes glimpses, and engage with your audience to generate buzz in these final crucial days.
  10. Express gratitude to customers
    Show appreciation to your customers. Consider sending thank-you notes or offering exclusive discounts to loyal patrons in these last moments to foster goodwill and encourage repeat business.

In these final days leading up to Christmas, embracing these 10 strategies can be the key to navigating the bustling holiday season with ease. Don’t forget that adopting modern payment solutions can be a game-changer in delivering efficiency and convenience during the final holiday rush.