How to leverage AI in your small business without spending a cent

AI decision making
Artificial intelligence (AI), machine deep learning, data mining, and another modern computer technologies concepts. Brain representing artificial intelligence and businessman holding futuristic tablet.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the business world about artificial intelligence and how it may threaten jobs or even replace humans entirely. In the movies and other popular culture, AI is usually portrayed as the villain, making it seem like the machines are really out to get us.

However, the reality is both less and more exciting. When used effectively, AI can help you become more productive and grow your business by taking over mundane tasks and amplifying what you’re able to achieve every day. It’s an assistive technology that lets you focus on important and creative tasks while being assured that the basic work gets done. As such AI can make you more competitive, able to take on larger tasks and win some time back for you.

While AI is increasingly taking on tasks for large businesses, When used effectively, AI can help you become more productive and grow your business by taking over mundane tasks. And, best of all, some AI solutions provide a free option, so you can leverage AI in your business without spending a cent.

Here are five AI software options you can adopt AI to assist your business at no cost:

1. Use CalendarHero to schedule your meetings automatically

CalendarHero is an AI-powered scheduling assistant that can help you automate your meeting scheduling.
It goes further than many of the calendar tools on the market by using AI to schedule meetings automatically, taking all the hard work out of negotiating a new time. The free version is more limited but enough to get started and it integrates with many popular services.

2. Use Fireflies to record your meetings and assign actions

Fireflies is a free AI voice assistant that you can have to join your meetings as a notetaker and transcriber. It allows you to record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations, plus it can identify tasks and assign them to the people named. The free plan can be used across most popular videoconferencing systems and gives you 3,000 free recording minutes. You can even send a link to the recording for participants and people who were unable to attend so they can catch up on the discussions.

3. Use Krisp to keep your kids voices out of business meetings

Krisp removes background noise and echo from meetings to make it easier for your colleagues and customers to hear and understand you and to make it easier to hear them. It’s free to use and already embedded in voice services like Discord. It’s great when your kids are playing or your pet is trying to get your attention while you’re in a business meeting.

4. Use Computoser to generate music for your videos

If you’re creating videos or podcasts regularly it can be a nightmare to find the perfect fresh backing soundtrack that doesn’t come with copyright concerns. With Computoser, you’re able to generate original music using AI based on the tempo and style you prefer. And all the music you generate is completely free for you to reuse under a Creative Commons license.

5. Use SimpleMarketing to write your marketing content for you

SimpleMarketing.AI is an AI content generation tool that literally can write the first draft of your marketing content for you. It uses AI trained to write using millions of pieces of content from the internet and other sources.
With the free-forever option you’re able to generate five to 15 social posts, or dozens of headlines. It also comes with a handy content planning tool to help you plan out your content over time.