Getting back on track – four strategies to help you

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My last article was how to look after your business whilst grieving, I wrote this as I was caring for my mother in palliative care as she had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Sadly, as expected she passed away and in that short moment my life as I knew it has changed forever.

Nothing prepared me for the emptiness her passing would bring, I needed time to grieve, but I also had to have a plan to get back on track, as when you own your business “The show must go on”.

After each obstacle, speed hump, and distraction from your business, it is time for reflection to see what lesson has been learnt, and there always is one, and these will be quite different for each person and situation. One thing for certain though is an opportunity for you to reset and come back stronger, with another experience under your belt.

Everyone will go off track at some stage in their life, it is how they come back that determines their outcome.

The following four strategies have helped me each time to get back on track when I have slipped off.

Don’t go back before you’re ready

This is really important, if you go back too soon, you will slip right back off again, take the time you need, and make sure you have the strength to stay the distance. If you feel you are only ready for part of a day, then just go back for part of the day, don’t over-commit. You will know when you are ready, listen to yourself.

Have your plan and stick to it

It is a good time to re-evaluate all your routines, add more or take away if you see areas that need improving. If possible add one small habit that will make it easier for you. Make sure you are clear and concise with the expectations you are going to put on yourself. Ensure you communicate with your team the steps you plan to come back, this will help them to be there to support you.

Back to basics

Don’t go in planning big changes or implementing anything new, just go in and stick to your basics. Some things may have slipped slightly, so just concentrate on getting them back to where they should be. Don’t be upset with your staff, remind yourself they have kept you afloat when you needed the time. They may have made some changes whilst you have been away, embrace these for now even if they may not have been your choices.

Time for yourself

Once you are back, you may enjoy the distraction, but don’t forget to take care of yourself during this process. Schedule in some me-time. This means schedule some of the things that make you happy, for everyone these will be different, some people like exercise, others like to watch a good movie, it doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as it is something that fills your happiness tank.

Life is about taking small steps forward every day, now is not the time to win the race, it is about staying in the race. Often in life setbacks can lead you to a better destination.