Majority of employees feel their employers are not doing enough for the environment

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A new survey reveals that three in five Australian employees believe that their employers have fallen short of their expectations with regard to their environmental protection efforts and sustainability practices.

The poll by people2people Recruitment found that only 20 per cent of employees felt their employers were currently going above and beyond, with a further 20 per cent saying that although they were meeting their expectations, they could be doing more.

The research also highlighted that in answering the question of how important it was to employees that their employer contributes to protecting the planet, 50 per cent of employees under 25 years of age stated that it was important or very important, while in those in the 49-year-old and over group, only one in three felt it was less of an issue.

“Our most recent poll results underscore the growing importance of environmental responsibility in the workplace,” Mark Smith, people2people Recruitment’s Managing Director, commented. “As businesses are increasingly evaluated not only on their financial performance but also on their environmental and social impacts, employees and candidates are demanding more comprehensive and effective sustainability initiatives from their current or future employer.”

While 40 per cent of the workforce said it is ‘very important‘ or ‘important’ that their employer contributes to good environmental practices – up from 25 per cent from another people2people poll conducted last year – 60 per cent of employees do not consider working for a sustainable workplace as their top priority when evaluating their employer.

Smith stated that while the poll results reveal that climate change is undoubtedly significant, Australian workers are also considering other factors such as job security, the cost of living, work-life balance, and personal growth opportunities when it comes to their employment choices, given the current economic situation.

He added that the poll reveals a growing opportunity for Australian employers to meet their people’s expectations, and drive talent attraction and retention.

“Our employees are our most valuable asset. The expectations of our workforce and our customers have played a pivotal role in shaping our environmental efforts,” Smith said. “It’s evident that consumers and investors prefer to support and invest in companies and brands that are socially and environmentally responsible, something that is increasingly becoming a reason for candidates to choose one job over another. Making environmental protection a priority is not only ethically responsible but also a smart business decision in the long run.

“The poll highlights that nearly half of employers are falling short in their sustainability stakes,” he added. “Various obstacles hinder the shift towards a more eco-friendly workplace, such as high costs, regulatory challenges, short-term business outlooks, limited awareness, and, as indicated by the survey, employee resistance. Nevertheless, it appears that we are approaching a pivotal moment.”