Top tips to consider before making a job offer

Saxon Marsden-Huggins Recruit Shop

So you’ve successfully found someone to fill your vacancy – congratulations! It can be hard to find top talent in today’s market, so if you’ve found that right person to make the job offer to you’ll want to get them in your business as soon as possible. However, unfortunately, too many businesses think the deal is done after a successful interview and make key mistakes during the offer process.

Remember these tips next time you find that perfect candidate.

Don’t delay in sending the offer

Waiting too long to send the offer after you’ve verbally told a successful candidate will catch employers out more often than you think. Great candidates are in demand by top employers. And if you don’t lock your candidates in and commit to them, they will go elsewhere.

Open up salary negotiations

Don’t simply tell a candidate what the salary is – ensure you’ve asked them their expectations, discussed the band you’re willing to offer and consider negotiating if they’re not happy. You want to be transparent with a candidate about how their earnings can increase over the years with you from the get go – otherwise they will have an expectation of their own in their head which will come out later when you’ve already onboarded them.

Craft an engaging offer

A poorly constructed job offer can impact a candidate’s view of your company – make sure your documents are spell-checked, are professional and warmly welcome the candidate. Don’t make it transactional – try to make it as if they’re already part of your team and write a personal note at the top of the page instead of just asking them to sign on the dotted line.

Remember, it’s not done until their sitting in the chair in your office – don’t sell yourself short as an organisation by skimping on the offer process. Nurture your candidate the whole way through the recruitment and onboarding processes.

Saxon Marsden-Huggins, Managing Director, Recruit Shop