2021 Top 50 Small Business Leaders revealed

Today we can reveal the identity of our 2021 Top 50 Small Business Leaders. Download the report here to read the inspiring stories of resilient small-business owners who have achieved remarkable feats in terms of growth and innovation.

This time last year I assumed the challenges of dealing with a global pandemic would be an “outlier” and that 12 months down the track we’d be celebrating businesses well on track to putting COVID behind them and benefitting from a resurgent global economy. Alas, that is far from the case – over 15 million Australians are in lockdown today – so it is even more remarkable that we had so many inspiring stories of small-business leaders overcoming the challenges of the last 18 months to thrive from which to select this year’s Top 50.

Once again this year our Top 50 represent small businesses in every sector – from primary production and manufacturing to IoT and Agtech start-ups – all of whom have made outstanding contributions to their clients, the communities in which they live and work, and to society at large. Indeed, sustainability is a recurring theme with everyone who made the cut this year.

From free-range egg farmer Julie Kos and gluten-free doggy treat producer Ben Whyatt to innovative manufacturer of water-saving devices Nicole Gibson and furniture design guru David Light, our winners have demonstrated resilience, innovation and agility to ride the waves of the pandemic and lead their businesses forward to a brighter future.

I’d like to thank Richard Thame and the the team at SNAP Printing and Design for their generous sponsorship of this year’s report, which you can download here.

Australia’s 2021 Top 50 Small Business Leaders

Adam Nobel, Hugo Alexander Property Group, Qld

Aimee Brown, Bespoke Chiropractic Manning, WA

Andy Heller, EmuTel, NSW

Ben Whyatt, Doggylicious, Vic

Bianca Stawiarski, Warida Wholistic Wellness, SA

Carley Johnson, carleyjohnson.co, Vic

Carmen Garcia, Community Corporate, SA

Carol Brunswick, Belly Bands, Qld

Carrie Kwan, Mums & Co, NSW

Christine Smith, Great Ocean Stays, Vic

Corina Vucic, FC Business Solutions, Vic

Craig Rochat, Land of Plenty Food Co, NSW

Danielle Storey, Eastern Innovation, Vic

David Ashton, Corporate Supremacy, WA

David Light, Icon by Design, NSW

Emily Bobis, Compass IoT, NSW

Fleur Madden, Freelancing Gems, Qld

Grant Davidson, Davidson Branding and Design2Thrive, Vic

Jane Wundersitz, WunderTraining, SA

Janine Leghissa, Desiderate, NSW

Jeni Wilcock, Sullivan Dewing Chartering Accountants & Business Builders, NSW

Julie Kos, The Smoked Egg Company, Vic

Julie Ockerby, Meli Studio Australia, NSW

Kat Davidson, Earths Tribe, Vic

Katrina McCarter, Partnership Mastery, Vic

Kaye Waterhouse, Vital Beat, WA

Kerry Ridley, My Little Bookshop, WA

Kim Vespa, Bobbie Brands and Punk Angel, Vic

Leigh Rust, Safetyline Jalousie, NSW

Lielette Calleja, All That Counts, NSW

Lisa Smith, BYOM, WA

Lisa Sweeney, Business in Heels International, Vic

Lisa Vincent and Jenny Barltrop, Savv-e, NSW

Matt Smith, MyPass Global, NSW

Michael Finn, Kingdom Constructions Group, Vic

Nathan Wardell, Packserv, NSW

Nicolas Cann, Blobfish International, Vic

Nicole Gibson, Soka Australia, Qld

Nina Nguyen, Pakko, Qld

Philip Chapman, Lease1, Qld

Rupa Parthasarathy, Mindkshetra, NSW

Sarah Leung, Alg Seaweed, Vic

Sharon Melamed, Matchboard, NSW

Shelley Cox, Makers & Merchants Barossa, SA

Sinay Salomon, aXonPlay, NSW

Steve Chapman, Shine Drink, NSW

Susan Sadler, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions, SA

Tanya Abbey, Black Wolf Group, Qld

Tim Langford, Claim App, Qld

Tracy Sheen, The Digital Guide, Qld