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Survival to success: marketing in COVID-normal

Integrating digital models is quickly taking over small business plans, with 87 per cent of total marketing budgets expected to go digital by 2022.

Busting innovation myths

Some prevalent misconceptions prevent small businesses to seek innovation as they should, hampering the growth they deserve to achieve.

privacy breaches, cyber incidents

It has never been more important to take privacy obligations seriously

Every business should always have privacy protection foremost in their cybersecurity strategies as the risks have become more heightened.


Rural rising: technology is bridging the digital divide

In a matter of clicks, a small business in a rural area can appear to have the processes and capabilities of a much larger competitor.

blue sky

Blue sky thinking: working the cloud to drive innovation

The cloud helps small businesses become more agile, evolve their product or service and make informed, data-driven decisions.


Why SMEs should be paying less than ever for software

With disruption and innovation in technology to make things simpler and easier, software becomes ever more accessible and affordable.

If 2020 is the year you embrace CRM, here’s what’s in store

A CRM is designed to attract, retain and satisfy your customers with front ends and behind-the-scenes processes that give them more of what they want…

CX, success, personal experience

Scaling your customer experience

As your small business is scaling up, it’s important to have the proper tools and processes in place to ensure its long term success.

deleting, storage, paper trail

Why it’s time your small business ditched the paper trail

Cloud technology now makes it possible for you to do away with the cluttered paper trail in favor of more organised storage that you can access anytim…

remote working

How technology is shaping the remote-working revolution

In order to fully capitalise on the remote-worlking revolution, small businesses need technology to ensure seamless connectivity.

retail business

How tech can help your retail business work smarter

Technology is the biggest ally a small retail business has in levelling the playing field in its competition with global companies.

Customer acquisition: How to cut through the noise

With so many competitors vying for the customers’ attention, you need to stand out to ensure effective customer acquisition.


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