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Sue Parker

Sue Parker is the founder of DARE Group Australia. A leading LinkedIn, marketing communications and personal branding specialist, Sue helps professional service businesses and executives stand out in competitive markets and be seen as a go to authority and trusted industry expert.

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Don’t put all your marketing eggs in the LinkedIn basket

While LinkedIn is a great social network in marketing your business to prospective clients and customers, you should not rely on one network alone.

Lessons from LinkedIn and online dating profiles

The core elements of success, mistakes, and intent of LinkedIn and online dating sites are comparable, and a good strategy one one can work on the oth…

How to evaluate trustworthy LinkedIn and SEO services

“Dodgy” digital marketing advice risks reputation damage, profile suspension and LinkedIn “jail” – huge networks are not a predictor of quality.

LinkedIn updates – what’s hot and what’s not

The more SMEs put into connecting, engaging and contributing on LinkedIn the greater the benefits – here are some strategies to achieve that.

Get real with your online presence

What do LinkedIn members really want?

Expert insights into the type of content to post to LinkedIn that the platform’s members value for depth of subject matter, opinions and learnings.

How to drive more eyeballs to your LinkedIn content

For professional businesses the #1 social media platform is undisputedly LinkedIn – Australia has 11 million+ members half of whom use the platform we…

phone, call forwarding, voice communication

Bring back the power of using the phone

Even as new technologies have made communication more interactive, there is still value in phone communication, especially for deeper conversations.

How to tailor LinkedIn for a better user experience

Discover some overlooked tweaks and tricks to help make your LinkedIn experience better and network with people more efficiently.

Why you need to keep your foot on the pedal in the good times

It’s easy – but dangerous – to take your foot off the marketing and employer pedal durung te good times, leaving room for vulnerabilities to develop.

The strongest link

If you are a professional business, it’s a fait accompli that LinkedIn is the number one platform – in 2019 Aussie members reached the 10-million ma…

The underbelly of LinkedIn: how to protect your personal brand

With over 645 million global members, 10 million of whom are in Australia, LinkedIn is a must-have for networking, sales, marketing and branding.

How good manners on LinkedIn build trust

Good manners foster a mindset of care and respect that any business should have to build trust and gain a greater audience in LinkedIn.

Is your business easily contactable and trustworthy?

Your business and personal brand needs to impress, inform and inspire action.

taglines, promotional materials

Taglines: the missing branding piece for many businesses

You don’t need to be a global juggernaut brand or a Coke, Nike, PWC, Apple to have a strong brand and business tagline.

Don’t be a buffoon on LinkedIn

Almost half of LinkedIn users access the platform several times every day so it essential to get real and review how you are showing up on the platfor…

Repel the wrong clients and attract the right ones

Your business and personal moral compass will be one of your greatest brand assets to attract and repel particular clients.


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