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Sue Parker

Sue Parker is the founder of DARE Group Australia. A leading LinkedIn, marketing communications and personal branding specialist, Sue helps professional service businesses and executives stand out in competitive markets and be seen as a go to authority and trusted industry expert.

Sue Parker - 2/2 - Inside Small Business

Lifting the lid on personal branding

Strong and enticing personal branding is vital to stand out in that ocean – especially for service businesses.

Don’t be part of Christmas saturation – be different

The Christmas saturation of gifts, parties, and holiday preparations can cause undue stress for SMEs, so why not unload some of them?

Are your sales prospects “willing, ready, and able”?

Qualifying sales prospects can be really tough for SMEs who grapple with sales conversations, assertiveness or are new to self-employment.

How to avoid the “LinkedIn jail”

If you are in LinkedIn jail your content will be ranked at the bottom of the barrel (or off the radar), your visibility is compromised, as is your con…


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