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To make change happen, go for ownership, not buy-in

If you want your people to get fired up about new ideas and initiatives, you need them to take ownership of it rather than having them buy-in to the i…

Exploring digital territory

How small businesses can leverage and benefit from digital sales and marketing when they are not a digital or social media specialist.

How to find a market gap – or let it find you

Not all great business ideas will come from you – if you are prepared to listen, watch and observe you may just find the perfect market gap to exploit…

Nigel Collin

Rule #1 of small business – sell them what they want

Ask the right questions, take time to listen to what your customers are really trying to tell you, then make suggestions and learn from the responses.

Nigel Collin

Fall in love with the process

Reaching the ultimate goal is important but what’s more important is loving the process that helps achieve that goal.

Nigel Collin

Three productivity hacks that really work

Three productivity hacks that can help reduce distractions and improve your focus on the tasks at hand.

Nigel Collin

How to fall back in love with your business

As the business grows and changes, it can become routine and the daily grind can make any entrepreneur lose their passion for it.

Nigel Collin

Three places to consistently find hidden profit

Little things that don’t appear to be worth the time or effort can make a massive difference over time in increasing your profit.

Nigel Collin

Keeping those barges coming

Nurture and prod customers to move along the sales and marketing funnel, bit by bit, don’t just give them one massive shove at the start and hope all …

Nigel Collin

What North America can teach us about business creativity

Shunning creativity prevents small business from being adventurous and finding the most impactful solutions for its clients.

Nigel Collin

How will you know if your plan is a good one?

Successful small businesses and entrepreneurs know whether a plan is or isn’t working because they relentlessly watch and measure the results.

Nigel Collin

Three things to look for in a business coach

You need to get on well with your business coach because you want them to be honest, whack you on the side of the head every so often, and you need to…

Nigel Collin

Three ways to improve customer experience

However busy you are maximise your customer experience offering by letting your customers know you appreciate them.

Nigel Collin

Growth starts from where you are

Business growth takes time, you need to work meticulously on getting every stage right and complete before you move onto the next.

Nigel Collin

When ideas won’t make you money

Simply having ideas is a complete waste of time unless you do something with them because the world is full of ideas that were never acted upon.

Nigel Collin

You’ll find the Devil in complacency

Complacency leads to adequate and no-one wants adequate, , they want outstanding and exceptional.


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